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Do you ever wonder if you’re paying too much for your gas and electricity? Your energy bills are determined by many factors, including where you live in the UK, but how much are you paying compared to others in a similar situation to you, and whether you could be saving money by switching supplier?

Enter your details into our calculator below to see how your energy bills stack up against others in your area, to see whether you could be saving by switching your supplier.

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Average Energy Bills in the UK

Where in the UK has the most expensive and cheapest energy bills?

In total, there are just six local authorities that are currently paying less than the latest price cap of £1,277, that will come into effect from 1 October 2021, with the remaining 402 all paying more. The place with the overall lowest energy bills in the country was Tower Hamlets, in London, where the average annual energy bill was just £1,133, 11.3% less than the price cap. Each of the seven cheapest places were found in London, including Islington (£1,174), Hackney (£1,182) and Lambeth (£1,188).

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How to Save Energy

If your energy bills are higher than average, or above the price cap, this might be because you are on an uncompetitive or standard variable tariff.

To help reduce your bills there are a couple of steps that you could take:

1. Rather than boiling water in a pan, use your kettle (it uses less energy) and only fill the pan enough to cover whatever you’re cooking.

2. Make sure you don’t forget the kettle that you’ve just boiled! And try to only fill the energy with as much water as you’ll actually need.

3. Take a shower rather than a bath. A family of four swapping one bath a week to a five-minute shower could save up to £20 a year.

4. Wash your clothes on an eco-wash setting at 30˚C and wait until you have a full load.

5. Line-dry your clothes rather than using a tumble dryer.

6. Make sure all your radiators have thermostats and make sure you use them, turning down by just one degree can save as much as £75 a year.

7. Use energy-saving lightbulbs and be sure to turn off lights that don’t need to be on.

8. Clean the coils around the back of your fridge as dust can make it work harder. Also, be sure not to overfill it or leave the door open.

9. When possible only use one bowl of water when washing up. If using a dishwasher, be sure to fill it completely.

Remember, you could also save hundreds of pounds just by switching your energy supplier, so be sure to click here to get a quote and compare gas and electricity prices and ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible.


All data is sourced from from customer Energy Quotes between June 2020 to June 2021. When the “average price” is referred to, this is the mean average of the top five cheapest prices presented to a customer, where a consumer has clicked through to buy. Buying from the top five cheapest prices presented represents 90% of all energy comparison quotes.