Let’s be honest. Sometimes being nice can be hard work, but it could help you live longer and feel less stressed in the long run.

Clever bods at Stanford University in California carried out experiments that showed people who performed acts of kindness were far happier than those that didn’t. The study backs up what many health experts have been trying to get through to us for years – that caring for our fellow man is good for everyone.

Being kind doesn’t just make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, there are tangible benefits too. When we’re being caring and considerate, we produce oxytocin (aka the ‘love hormone’), which lowers blood pressure, makes us feel calmer and increases our self-worth and optimism – all good stuff.

Research also shows that those of us who do good works tend to have better health overall. And, staggeringly, anyone over 55 who actively volunteers lowers the likelihood of early death by 44%.

But the list of benefits doesn’t end there. Being kind reduces pain, anxiety and depression – all things that seem rife in the relentlessly paced 21st century. So, unless you fancy yourself as a bit of a Good Samaritan already, perhaps it’s time to turn over a new leaf?

Of course, there’ll be some ailments that no amount of good deeds can banish, which is where health insurance comes in. Making sure you have health cover isn’t tempting fate, it’s a precaution, because you never know what’s around the corner.

We can help make sorting out your healthcare plan easy by answering your questions about health insurance, such as what policies are there?, what should I consider?, and am I better off with an individual, joint or family policy? So, keep smiling and let the world smile with you…

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