Bye-bye booze, hello sobriety |

Is it really the end of boozy Brits? Well, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), it could well be. Isn’t that a sobering thought. Data shows that the number of adults who say they drink, is at its lowest for more than 10 years.

The ONS worked out that just over half (56.9%) of those asked, had drunk alcohol the week before; the lowest level previously, was 64.2% back in 2005. But not only are we drinking less, more than 10 million of us are abstaining altogether, with the number of teetotallers up by around 2% over the same period.

So, are we now a nation of sensible drinkers, sipping wine with our suppers as our continental cousins have done for decades? Well, that depends on where you live, how much you earn and how old you are.

Because it seems, our friends in the North, are at the top of the tipple table (try saying that after a few pints). More than 40% of those from the North-East, binge drank on their heaviest drinking day, followed by people in the North-West where 32.4% of the population went on a bender. The East of England had the fewest overindulgences with just over 20% of people splurging on alcohol in one day.

Those earning more than £40,000 annually, were also shown to be heavier drinkers, with 77% of high earners having had a drink the week before they were interviewed. Big earners were also big booze spenders as they were twice as likely to binge than those in the lowest salary bracket (21.8% compared to 10.7%).

Surprisingly, it’s not youngsters who drink the most either, less than half (46%) of those under 24 drank the previous week compared to 64.2% of alcohol primed 45-64 year olds. However, when the under 24s did drink, they went for it, with nearly 40% admitting they binged.

Plenty of reasons have been put forward for our increasing sobriety such as the cost of alcohol and the rise of social media, meaning we don’t have to catch up over a pint in the local.

Of course, staying sober(ish) has its benefits – you’ll save money and make your liver happy – plus, keeping yourself in tiptop shape should be number one on your priority list. Which is why investing in health insurance could be a wise move. So whether you’re just curious about what private healthcare can offer, or considering a family or joint policy, we’ve got the information you need…cheers!

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