It’s easy to assume your heart is doing just fine, ticking away and keeping you going as it has done since you were born. If you’re older you might be a little more aware of it, but when you’re young you might not give it a great deal of thought. However, anyone at any age,can have heart trouble, and young people are at risk too. Here are some important things to be aware of and causes to watch out for…

How healthy is your heart?

A silent killer

At least 12 young people pass away every week in the UK of undiagnosed heart conditions. Cardiac Risk in the Young (C-R-Y) campaign to raise awareness of the issue and to prevent the sudden deaths of young people from heart problems through the development of heart screening programmes and funding of medical research.

Pollution risk

Most of us are breathing in pollution particles most of the time. According to the World Health Organisation, pollution is hurting our hearts, and scientists have found that bad air especially affects the cardiovascular health of young people.

Genetic issues

Most sudden cardiac deaths in people under 35 are due to inherited conditions which affect heart muscle and the heart’s electrical system. An ECG scan can pick these up, so it could be worth getting tested. The heart is complicated, and it can face all kinds of difficulties from arrhythmia to pulmonary stenosis.

Helping your heart

Many factors are beyond our control when it comes to our health, but there are things we can do to improve our chances of avoiding heart disease. We can lose weight, quit smoking, improve our diet and get more exercise. Stress can narrow arteries too, so it’s important to pay attention to mental as well as physical health and get a check-up with your GP if you have any concerns.

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