You could spend a fortune on improving your health, and when the New Year rolls around you may be tempted to splash out some of your Christmas money on getting in shape (especially when you consider that last year 29% of men and 40% of women’s New Year resolutions were to lose weight). Little ways to improve your health and wealth

Luxurious gym memberships, chef-prepared nutrition-balanced food being delivered to your home three times a day, those weird machines that vibrate your muscles until they magically make you a six-pack – all dubious options that probably won’t come cheap. But for those of us a little more down to earth there are lots of simple cost-effective options that can make us healthier without making us lighter of wallet.

Join a local gym

Sure, it’s nice to have a luxurious sauna, but the gym doesn’t have to be a palace to do you good. Check out your local authority options or one of the new breed of cheap and cheerful gyms. Check if your workplace, bank account or life insurance offer subsidised gym memberships. You can work up a sweat for less with a little research.

...or just get out more

A bracing run in the park (check out your local park run) or even a nice stroll won’t cost you anything once you’ve got some decent trainers.

Getting on your bike more is also another relatively cheap alternative to the gym. See if your workplace also offer a cycle to work scheme to subsidise the cost of the bike, if you don’t have one already.

And if the winter months are putting you off going outdoors, why not investigate the multitude of 5 minute workout apps on your smartphone, which you can start from the comfort of your living room.

Eat for cheap

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean shelling out on expensive high-end produce. If you think a little differently about food, you can save money and feel better. You don’t have to eat organic fruit and veg, supermarkets often have own brands that might be more affordable or even frozen alternatives possibly at a lower cost.

Just quit

It’s an obvious one, but it bears repeating – giving up things like alcohol or smoking really is a no-brainer when it comes to your money and your health. There’s lots of help to be found online, and if it’s hard then think of how much better you’ll feel all round when you realise how much you’ve saved.

If you’re planning on improving your health and wealth, then also consider how you can help look after you family financially if you weren’t around. Check out your life insurance options– it can cost less than you think – some providers even offer subsidised gym membership to encourage you to be healthier. Compare providers to see who could offer you the right cover for your family’s needs.