Individual and family health insurance

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Health insurance cover – individual & family

What is health insurance and do you need it? On the one hand we have a great health service, but on the other having insurance does provide advantages. Things like faster diagnosis, quicker access to treatment, being able to choose where and when you’re treated, and also access to drugs not currently available on the NHS.


You can usually opt for different types of health insurance policies – the most basic cover you for tests, surgery and follow up care. Other policies might include treatment such as physiotherapy.


Health insurance isn’t always a luxury – if you’re self-employed, you can’t afford to be off sick and having cover means you can get back on your feet quickly. So whether you’re considering an individual policy just for you, or want to ensure your loved ones get the fastest treatment possible, find out more about what health insurance cover could give you.

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What is Individual Health Insurance?


Waiting times for treatment are often much shorter with private health care giving the policy holder the peace of mind that they’ll be able to get the care they need, when the need it most. Private healthcare is only used for planned treatments not emergency care. The NHS deal with emergency care.


Health insurance typically excludes any pre-existing conditions. Certain providers also have a few other requirements including:


  • you need to have been registered with a GP for at least six months
  • be a UK resident that has lived here for at least six months
  • live at the same address with any family members that are included on your quote
  • not receive payment for taking part in sports


What is family health insurance?


Family health insurance offers similar benefits as individual cover. However, instead of only insuring an individual, the main policyholder can opt to add dependents such as their spouse and children to the policy.


Protecting the family is a priority for all parents, and private medical insurance can provide peace of mind that you and your children won't have to wait as long for treatment if they become ill. As with individual cover, existing medical conditions are likely to be excluded from any cover offered.