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A guide to switching home insurance provider

It’s estimated that a third of us have never changed insurance provider. Given some people have the outlook that “insurance is insurance”, this is perhaps not surprising. Of course, there can be very positive reasons to stick with your current home insurance provider.

Let’s face it, we have nothing to do with our insurance provider really until we actually need them. Then we often really do need them! A great claim handling experience in a crisis can be enough to buy customer loyalty for many years.

For others though not switching is simply a case of apathy. Perhaps they feel that the process is just too difficult and complicated. With the potential for big savings though, it might be worth shaking off the apathy and simply reading on to find out what’s involved.

Why you might want to switch home insurance provider

Obviously a big reason to switch is to save money and switch home insurance. That’s why comparison sites such as ours are so convenient to use. You tell us your details; we’ll show you what you might save.

Not everyone has a great experience with their insurance provider either. A poor claims experience might be all it takes to lose your trust and lead you to go looking for another insurance provider.

how to switch home insurance provider

Is it hard to switch?

If you use our home insurance comparison service, no. We specialise in helping you find the right deal at the right price and then switching to it.

If you’re coming up to renewal time, simply visit our home insurance page. We’ll ask what type of insurance it is you’re renewing, your home buildings insurance, your home contents insurance or both.

We need the date at which you want the cover to begin. This way we can ensure that you stay insured throughout the change.

You’ll need to give us some details about you, your property and your contents and then leave the hard work comparing the market to us.

We’ll present you with a list of deals from insurance providers for you to choose from, all of them covering the property and contents values that you’ve specified.

All you need to do is choose which policy is right for you. Remember that not all insurance policies are born equal! Click on the ones that interest you to find out more details around cover limits and exclusions. Make sure that you really have the cover that you want and need.

Are there any fees involved?

If you’re switching at the end of your policy no, you simply start the new policy to replace the old one. If you switch at other times, it does vary from provider to provider.

Some insurance providers will charge you an “administration fee” for cancelling your policy part way through your period of insurance. This could be as much as £50 in some cases.

Your insurance provider will typically return the pro-rated amount of premium back to you. In other words, if you’re half way through the policy period, you should expect to pay 50% of your premium back less the administration fee. However, if you have any add-ons, you may need to pay the outstanding amount left for these.

You would need to work out based on your own circumstances whether it makes sense to change mid-policy or whether to wait until your existing policy expires.

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