Popular Home interior trends to watch out for this autumn/winter

Now we’ve entered September, our wardrobes aren’t the only things to update. We’ve identified the popular home and garden trends for autumn/winter 2021 according to Instagram, and expert interior designer Sylvia James; and will show you how to incorporate them into your home below…

Popular interior design themes for autumn/winter

Want to turn your home into a stylish haven that all your friends can swoon over? Take your pick of these popular trends.

1. Cocooning ambience

When autumn and winter starts drawing in, the nights get colder and darker, so it makes sense that you’d want to retreat to a place that’s cosy and inviting. That’s where cocooning décor comes in: its sole aim is to turn your home into a cosy nest, and nothing does this better than delicate pastel shades of blush pink and pistachio green.

Blankets and cushions are both also essentials to achieving this look, and you can switch out any bulky sofas and chairs for lightweight, portable versions that you can stow away when you don’t need them. As a finishing touch, switch out your lightbulbs for warm, white ones, to remove any feelings of coldness.

2. Highland heritage

Inspired by the great outdoors and natural elements, the Highland heritage interior design trend sees the combination of rich, dark tones, and unrefined textures of traditional Scottish barns and cottages. Think heritage patterns such as herringbone, tartan, and houndstooth, and incorporate them through statement armchairs, cushions, and throws.

Olive greens, dark greys, and deep reds are the three key colour shades to nail in this highland heritage dream.

3. Global essence

With lots of people choosing to avoid overseas travel due to the uncertainty, we’re seeing people incorporate global cultures and themes into their homes instead. This autumn/winter, hunt for handcrafted homeware products, such as rugs, wicker baskets, pottery, and wall hangings.

The key to nailing the global essence look is to stop worrying about it looking perfect: instead, embrace imperfections, and mismatching knick-knacks.

Popular accessories to incorporate in your home

If you only want to invest in one or two pieces, then consider searching for unique, vintage antiques, such as trinket boxes, vases, or mirrors. If you’re on a budget, then head to your local charity shop to pick up a bargain.

Alternatively, to add warmth to your home, look for a statement rug. A key piece of any global essence home, search for a modern area rug that’s inspired by oriental and Islamic design, with a bold decorative pattern that will also fit in perfectly with the maximalist trend that’s taking over homes across the country.

If you want to get your teeth stuck into a crafty project, then why not try drying your own flowers (or buy some off Etsy if you can’t be bothered with the hassle!). They’ll last a lot longer than fresh flowers, and they’ll keep your home looking chic for months.

Other home accessory trends to consider are hanging lights, portable furnishings, and chequered patterns – especially on blankets and pillows.

Popular garden design themes for autumn/winter

Design trends don’t just stay inside the home. Here are the key trends you can follow to keep your garden looking chic over the coming months.

1. Escape to the country

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and create your own tranquil oasis, filled with rustic potted plants, containing homegrown produce like broccoli, parsnips, and cabbages. If you have the space, consider adding in a water feature, to add to the feeling of tranquillity (and block out any potential nearby road traffic!).

2. Party ready

Garden parties were a big thing this summer, and just because it’s getting a little colder, it doesn’t mean it’s going to stop! Create your own dedicated areas for socialising – think of a little patio with tables and chairs – along with a makeshift bar. Decorate your garden with fairy lights and bunting, and if you’re prone to getting chilly, why not invest in an outdoor heater?

3. Climate change

One garden trend to take the nation by storm this autumn/winter is gardening to help the climate. Choose plants that can fend for themselves, such as pansies and winterberries, as they’ll be able to cope with the colder months. When it comes to garden furniture, opt for tables and chairs in reclaimed wood, and other sustainable furniture.

Your zero-waste garden means that rather than creating any unnecessary waste, simply pile your fallen leaves in a corner and leave them to create a warm winter refuge for small animals, or collect rain to water your plants with, as opposed to using your tap.

4. Flowers and herbs

According to Instagram, pansies and violas are the flowers you should be planting this autumn/winter, along with snowdrops, winter jasmine, and winterberries. And if you haven’t already jumped on the trend of growing your own herbs, then it couldn’t be a better time to start. Chives, mint, oregano, parsley, sage, and thyme are all easy to grow and can withstand harsh winter weather.

Popular accessories to incorporate in your garden

If you’d like to create a subtle nod to one of these autumn/winter trends, as opposed to overhauling your entire garden, then purchase some textured throws in deep reds, browns, and greys, or purchase outdoor rugs to keep you extra toasty. This will come in handy if you create your own backyard cinema (it’s a huge trend on Instagram). Plus, if you create some handy storage space in your garden, it’ll mean you can safely stow away all of your blankets, to keep them safe and dry.

Alternatively, refresh your garden with some new paving, creating a path from your backdoor to the end of your garden, and give your old plant pots a lick of paint to freshen them up. We’d recommend opting for vibrant colours to brighten up the dreary grey days.

Whilst it’s great to update your garden and keep it looking chic and sophisticated, make sure you do your bit for wildlife too. Create your own hedgehog home with a wooden crate, some dry leaves, and straw, to keep them warm, and protected from the harsh winter weather.

How to keep your home safe and secure

Once you’ve decorated your new home and garden, you’ll want to keep it safe. Here are our top tips on keeping your property secure during the winter months.

1. Invest in timer lights

With offices opening up, you’ll likely be spending more time out of your home and coming back in the dark. Consider investing in some timer lights that you can set up by the front and back doors. Set them up so they switch on automatically when the darkness sets in, to refrain any would-be burglars from trying their luck.

2. Avoid overgrown plants in your garden

Large, overgrown plants and trees will give trespassers a place to hide, so make sure your plants are neat and trimmed. You also really should consider investing in storage so you can stow away any furniture and equipment, so thieves can’t directly see potential swag they can steal.

3. Install a security alarm

If you haven’t already, invest in a burglar alarm! Even better, you could go one step further and install a security alarm system, complete with a camera, so should a burglar try to enter your property, you’ll have footage of it. Some systems can even alert the local authorities when there’s a trespasser, so they can get to the scene quickly.

Ultimately, no matter what your budget is, you can either fully embrace one of these popular autumn/winter trends, or just create a subtle nod to one of them, through the incorporation of accessories. But no matter which style you choose, the most important thing is, you keep your home safe and secure.

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To uncover the trending a/w home and garden trends, we analysed the number of related hashtags on Instagram, and worked with Sylvia James, an interior designer at homehow.co.uk, to explain how to incorporate these trends in your home and garden. Instagram hashtags were analysed 02/09/2021.