Black Friday is finally here and with it comes tonnes of discounts and deals to entice us all into a spending frenzy. With Black Friday now a date marked on most of our calendars, we’re sure that many of you will be gearing up to take advantage of the wide range of offers available.


Black Friday is anticipated to be a huge day for spending this year, with us spending a collective £1bn in just one day. Last week we wrote about how you can be smart with your spending to make sure you’re getting the most out of these sales. This week we wanted to remind you why it’s important to make sure you’re new purchases are covered once you’ve splashed the cash.


If you’ve made any big purchases today, make sure you’re protected in case of any accidents or mishaps. We’ve put together a few tips on how you can make sure your new goodies are covered:


Be clever in the car: Some contents insurance policies will offer you some cover for goods outside the home. This cover is included as standard on some policies and available as an addition on others but could mean you can claim for any goods that get stolen or damaged before you get home.


Old for new: Beware that not all insurance policies will replace old for new if anything happens to your stuff. If you’ve just bagged yourself a new sofa in the sales, make sure your contents insurance will pay out for a new one in case of fire, flood or emergency.


Be upfront about your valuables: It is really important that you list all items that are worth £1500 or more on your home insurance policies so that you can be safe in the knowledge that they are adequately covered. Some policies may even offer you extra cover over the Christmas season to cover any gifts you might have bought.


So, as all the dust settles and you sit back and bask in the success of your bargain hunting, it’s always worth taking 10 minutes to make sure you’re covered. Check your insurance documents and speak to your insurer if you need to add any new purchases to your policy. You can also compare contents insurance providers to make sure you’ve got the right level of cover for your contents.