Break-in Bad

They’ve certainly done the time (in the force that is) and now they’ve seen the perfect crime. DCI Gunn and Sergeant Book, the most experienced cops on the beat, thought they were dealing with a gang of criminal masterminds, that they were coming up against burglars with immense skills of deception and trickery… But they soon discovered that the crime of the century was a totally predictable heist and completely preventable.

We understand when you’ve got a lot of life to be getting on with, it’s easy to forget (more than we’d all like to admit) the small stuff, like leaving a door unlocked or an easy-to-reach window open every now and then. 

Did you know?

In 23% of burglaries the door was not locked and in 58% of burglaries someone was at home.

Totally predictable

Think hiding your valuables in an underwear drawer is clever? Think again, because it turns out 23% of people think that this is a brilliant hiding place. In reality, even if your finest jewels and most expensive gadgets are muddled in within all your knickers, bras and socks, it’s one of the first places a burglar would look. Maybe reconsider where your prized possessions are kept, and no, under the mattress won’t work either…

But if you’re sure that any burglars will definitely be caught – think again! In most household break-ins the culprit remains at large and free from retribution. Shockingly, for every 100 burglaries in England, only 14 arrests are made.

Think about it

The next time you’re heading on out, hiding your valuables, or off on holiday, THINK. You never know when a totally predictable burglary might head your way.

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