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Can I still get home insurance if I have claimed before?

Some insurance providers can make it difficult to get home insurance if you’ve made a claim in the past. Sometimes you may find it difficult to obtain a renewal quote from your existing insurance provider.

All insurance providers will use the fact that you’ve made a claim in the past as evidence that you pose a higher risk of needing to claim again in the future.

Some insurance providers however, rather than refusing your application outright, will consider the circumstances of your previous claim.

Insurance providers may refuse to insure you if your claim was for any of the usual reasons: theft, flood, fire, burst pipes, lost items etc.

What are the likely consequences of taking out home insurance with a claims history?

When you have found an insurance provider you might have to pay a higher premium and/or accept exclusions and special terms to your cover.

home insurance with previous claims

Minimising the chances of you needing to claim.

If you haven’t claimed, take note of the things you can do to reduce the chances of needing to make a claim:

• Install a smoke alarm
• Keep your property well maintained
• Insulate your pipes.


To reduce the risk of wanting to make a contents insurance claim:

• Install a burglar alarm, and remember to set it whenever you leave your home.
• Add locks to all easily accessible windows, and keep these locked when they are not open.
• Don’t leave valuables in sight of the window.
• Get a lockable safe where you can store bank statements, receipts and invoices, and any other information that could be used to steal your identity.
• Don’t forget outbuildings such as garden sheds and garages – install locks here as well. Many burglars know that residents are less likely to think about keeping outbuildings secure.
• Put ladders away when you are not using them.

No claims discounts on home insurance

Most insurance providers offer no claims discounts on home insurance.

This means that if you don’t claim over a 12 month insurance period, then you may be granted a reduction in the renewal premium you’re quoted. Then if you don’t claim for a second successive year, you can enjoy a larger reduction, and so on - a significant no claims discount can be built up in this way over up to four or five consecutive years.

Insurance providers operate no claims discounts to discourage customers making small value claims. Not claiming for a small or trivial loss will benefit the insurance provider as they will not need to pay out, and they will also not need to spend time and money administering your claim too.

Don’t worry though – it’s still a win for the customer. Although the no claims discount was introduced by insurance providers for the reasons described above, the end result for you is still that you save money.

The existence of a no claims discount on your policy can present you with a dilemma though – is it better to claim and have the insurance provider make good the loss, or is it better to meet the costs from your own pocket and avoid having to claim? If you experience a large loss, you may have no realistic alternative but to make a claim. If it’s a small loss, such as minor damage or the theft of a low value item, you should think carefully about how to proceed.

The importance of having home insurance in general

In summary, it can be very costly to have to meet the costs of buildings or contents insurance claims from your own pocket, so you need to make every effort to obtain insurance, regardless of your claims history (check out our research into claiming on your home insurance). Start a home insurance comparison with us today. All you need to do is tell us a bit about you and your home and the level of cover you think you’ll need. We’ll do all the leg work for you and provide you with a range of policies to suit your needs. Just see how much you could save!

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