Little Angels to Little Homewreckers |

Childproof homes

Your home may feel like a safe haven, however if you have kids you’ll know that the sky’s the limit when it comes to the mischief they can cause. Especially once they become mobile! From scribbling on the walls to breaking TVs, our latest research has shown that parents are being left with hefty price to pay – our research of parents with kids aged 2-10 shows the average household suffers £252 of household damage every year.

While it’s important to let your children have some freedom, you’ll also want to keep them safe, not to mention the valuable items around your home.

Of course, accidents will happen - and the school holidays are a prime time for the youngsters in your life to accidentally damage your home. That’s why it’s vital that parents ensure their content insurance is up to date and covers them for all eventualities, such as accidental damage.

Check out our guides for how to keep the kids out of trouble and harm’s way in the school holidays…

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