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Contents Insurance for tenants

Do you live in rented accommodation or are you a student living in halls of residence?


If so, then you will need contents insurance. Have a look at the questions and answers below which tell you all about home contents insurance for tenants.

What is tenants’ insurance?

Tenants’ insurance is a contents insurance policy that will cover you for the damage or loss of your personal belongings. If you live in unfurnished accommodation this will include your furniture and carpets, as well as the things you use every day like your TV or computer.

Why do I need tenants insurance?

The insurance will replace your possessions if, for example, they are stolen or damaged by fire or flood, which is important if you don’t have the money to replace them yourself and if you need them replacing quickly because of work or studies. People living in rented accommodation can be at a greater risk of a burglary than people in private homes. Without insurance you could stand to lose a lot of money, especially if you have a number of items that can be expensive to replace such as a computer or a tablet, a TV and music system.

What type of things will be covered?

Depending on your level of cover, contents insurance will cover theft, fire and flood too. This will cover your furniture, TV, computer, camera, jewellery and clothes.

Most electrical goods will be replaced with new equipment, but clothes will probably have an amount taken off for wear and tear.  Your policy may provide a small amount of accidental damage cover for electrical items such as your TV and DVD recorder.

Is there anything that won’t be covered?

Your contents insurance will not provide any cover for normal wear and tear and electrical breakdown won’t be covered.

Some insurance companies cover phones for theft but it means you’ll be without one while the insurance claim goes through. A separate cover will probably replace your phone straight away.

If you wear contact lenses and have new ones which you replace daily or monthly, they can be insured with your optician. 

Can I get insurance for accidental damage?

Yes. It usually costs a bit extra on your policy, but then most of your household contents are covered if you break something accidently for example, by dropping it or spilling something on it.


Does tenants’ contents insurance cover the possessions I take outside my home?

If you want your contents to be covered while you’re out and about, you would need personal belongings (sometimes called personal possessions) insurance. This will cover theft, damage or loss for things like phones, laptops and tablets when you’re out of the house.

What if I live in furnished accommodation?

Normally if your living in rented furnished accommodation your landlord will have contents insurance to cover the furniture that is provided. It’s unlikely they’ll have accidental damage cover on their contents so your landlord will probably use your deposit to cover the cost of any accidental damage caused during the period of your tenancy.

Do tenants need buildings insurance?

No. Your landlord will have to have buildings insurance to cover damage to their property. They might have basic cover which means if there’s a flood or a fire the house will be covered. Or, they might have extra cover which will put you up somewhere else if the home where you are now can’t be lived in while repairs from a fire or flood are carried out.


How do I find an insurance policy?

All you need to do is start a quote. You’ll be asked some simple questions and we’ll provide a list of contents insurance prices. Then just choose the one that’s best for you.

Can I pay for the insurance monthly?

Some insurers allow you to pay on a monthly basis, but it might cost you more money. When you get a quote check the difference in paying for it all at once, or making monthly payments as one might be cheaper than the other.

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