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The costs of fixing a boiler

Fixing a broken boiler can be expensive. Here, we look at how much boiler repairs could cost and whether it’s worth having boiler cover in place.

Fixing a broken boiler can be expensive. Here, we look at how much boiler repairs could cost and whether it’s worth having boiler cover in place.

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Anna McEntee
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11 JANUARY 2023
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How much does it cost to get a boiler fixed?

How much it costs to fix your boiler will depend on a range of factors, including where you live, what kind of boiler you have and what the problem is. You can very roughly expect to pay between £100 and £500, but it could add up to considerably more.

Quotes can also vary enormously depending on who you get to do the job. You may find that your local heating engineer charges much less than someone from a big-name boiler manufacturer. That’s why it’s always worth calling around and getting a few quotes.

Alternatively, you could opt for boiler cover from a specialist home care provider, where you pay a monthly sum and get your boiler repaired under a boiler care plan.

Depending on the plan you choose, boiler care could include:

  • Unlimited engineer call-out charges
  • Annual servicing
  • Parts and labour
  • Annual boiler service
  • 24-hour emergency helpline
  • Discounted replacement if your boiler has a major fault or is beyond economical repair
  • Plumbing, drains and electrics.

Who should I call to fix my boiler?

If your boiler breaks and you can’t fix it yourself, you’ll need to call out a Gas Safe-registered heating engineer. Your boiler manufacturer may send one out free of charge if your boiler is still under warranty – otherwise, you’ll need to track down a trusted local trader.

If you have boiler cover in place or have home emergency cover as part of your home insurance, then check the policy first as you might need to follow a particular procedure and use a recommended engineer to get your call-out covered.

You can find a Gas Safe engineer by using the Gas Safe Register.

Can I fix my boiler?

There are some basic boiler repairs you could do yourself. For instance, if the problem is low pressure, it’s probably something you can sort out on your own. Just consult the manual or call the manufacturer.

Before you call out a professional engineer to solve a problem, there’s a few other checks you should make yourself:

  • Test other appliances, such as the hob. If they’re not working either, you may find the problem is a tripped fuse.
  • Has there been a power cut? If so, your boiler might have reset.
  • Turn up your thermostat. If the thermostat is set below 21 degrees, the boiler may not kick in.
  • Is the pilot light on? If not, reset the boiler.

If you’ve made all these checks and your boiler’s still not working, it could be time to call out a heating engineer.

Should I get boiler cover?

Fixing or replacing a broken boiler can be very expensive, so having boiler cover in place could give you peace of mind and help you avoid boiler repair costs.

You might find boiler cover especially useful if you’re a landlord. That way, if something goes wrong with your tenant’s boiler, you’ll be able to get it fixed quickly without landing yourself with a hefty, unexpected bill. Hometree, Comparethemarket’s boiler care partner, will also cover you for the annual gas safety check that landlords need to ensure is carried out.

Will boiler cover include the cost of replacing my boiler?

That depends on your boiler cover policy. Some policies will cover the cost of replacing your boiler if it can’t be repaired, but other boiler care plans will only pay a percentage towards the cost.

If you have home emergency cover, check the policy to see what’s included. While some policies will cover the cost of replacing your boiler, others might only pay up to a set amount towards the replacement cost.

How much is boiler insurance?

It depends on the type of boiler you have and the level of cover you want. A basic plan could start from around £2.50 a month. Comprehensive plans, which include repairs to your boiler, central heating system, pipes, drains and electrics, will be more expensive, and could start from around £20 a month.

It’s worth shopping around and comparing boiler insurance, rather than automatically signing up for a plan from your energy provider. This will ensure you get the package you need without paying over the odds.

How long does a boiler last?

How long your boiler lasts will vary, depending on its age, make and how you use it. But you could help to lengthen your boiler’s natural lifespan by:

  • Getting your boiler regularly serviced. This doesn’t cost too much – you could expect to pay around £70-£90 – and could save you money in the long run. Some boiler cover policies include the cost of an annual service.
  • Insulating your pipes. Wrapping your pipes in insulating foam will stop them freezing during cold snaps.

How much does a new boiler cost?

How much you pay for your new boiler will depend on many factors, not least the make and model you go for. The price of a boiler will also depend on the type you buy – whether that’s oil, gas or a combi. See more, including typical prices, in our guide to new boiler costs.

Boiler Upgrade Scheme grants

You may be able to get a grant of £5,000 towards the cost of installing a low carbon heating system such as ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps or £6,000 towards biomass boilers, through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS).

The scheme runs to 2025 in England and Wales. Different energy efficiency grants and loans are available in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Frequently asked questions

What type of boiler should I buy?

It depends on the type of home you have. Boiler prices vary depending on their heat output. If you live in a small, modern flat, you’ll only need a cheaper combi boiler. But if yours is a big period house with many bathrooms, you might need something that gives you more heat output. Your choices may also be restricted by whether you have gas to your premises or not.

How much does an oil boiler cost to replace?

Prices can vary and will depend on where you live and what model you choose, but the average cost for a straightforward oil boiler replacement is around £4,700.

Should I repair or replace a back boiler?

Back boilers, which are fitted behind open fireplace hearths, have been phased out since 2005. However, many older UK homes still use these older, inefficient heating systems.

Due to modern building regulations, back boilers can no longer be repaired. If your back boiler breaks down, it will need to be replaced with a modern, efficient boiler. However, the awkward location means it could be more complicated and costly than simply converting the boiler, and you might have to consider moving it to a different place.

How long does it take to repair or replace a boiler?

Again, it very much depends on what’s wrong with the boiler. Something simple, such as repressurising the system, could take just a few minutes – but if your boiler needs replacing that’s going to be a more time-consuming job.

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