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How do I cover my possessions when I’m at university?

It’s important to consider protecting your possessions when you’re away at university. To do this effectively, you might want to consider putting some contents insurance cover in place.

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What’s contents insurance?

Contents insurance covers your belongings against loss or damage as a result of theft, fire, vandalism, or floods (natural and burst pipes!). It only covers you if loss or damage occurs within your home.

What if I break something?

Recognising that you might be more likely to drop something rather than being hit by a flood, you might want to consider adding accidental damage cover to your policy. Most accidental damage cover isn’t usually included as standard. While it might cost a bit more, accidental damage cover will give you some piece of mind that if you or someone else breaks something, you’re covered.

What about when I’m out and about?

Remember we said that standard contents insurance only covers you in the home. If you want to cover your possessions when you’re out and about or away from home you will need to add an additional away from home cover. Often called ‘personal possessions’ or ‘personal belongings’ cover, this covers your items such as your coat, watch, phone, laptop and so on if they’re lost or damaged while you’re outside of your house.

Do you share a house or live in a halls of residence?

If you do, it is worth checking your contents insurance policy wording before signing up. Policies sometimes exclude what is known as ‘walk-in theft’. This is where a thief is able enter your property without having to break in. In a shared house or student halls of residence, this could be an issue. If you’re living in such a property, ask your insurer about adding cover for your belongings in shared accommodation. 


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