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Do you have to inform your home insurance provider that you have pets?

If you’ve got pets, you’ll know the significant amount of pleasure they bring to your life. Though they’re often seen as part of the family, they have the ability to be even more destructive than the most destructive of toddlers.


During our home insurance comparison service we will ask you if you have any pets. If you’ve just got a pet, then you also need to be sure that you’ve sufficient cover on any existing policies and let your insurance provider know now that, let’s face it, the chances of an accident or two have gone up. 

Standard cover

Standard home contents insurance cover usually excludes any damage caused by your pet, however caused. That means if a waggy tail or an intrepidly exploring moggy decided to knock over your expensive vase, you’ll almost certainly not be covered.

homeowners insurance with pets

Accidental damage cover

Accidental damage cover is usually an optional extra taken out with your contents insurance. It covers you for spills and breakages caused by you or your family. The bad news is that accidental damage cover comes in different forms. The terms of most accidental cover policies don’t cover incidents brought about by your furry friends.

In fact, only a very limited number of insurance providers offer cover that includes accidental damage caused by pets, the vast majority don’t.

Getting coverage for pet related damage

If you want your policy to include pets, you’re going to have to seek out one of the few insurance providers that will extend cover to include your animals. This will typically entail taking out the highest form of accidental cover that the insurance provider offers. It will certainly cost you more, but may be worth it if you’ve one or more lively four legged friends in your house.

home insurance with pets

What’s included and what’s excluded with this sort of cover?

Policies that include damage caused by pets will usually cover you in the event that an animal knocks something over, causes spillages, chews or scratches items or generally damages something with their paws, teeth or claws.

Be aware that limits set for pet damage are often relatively low. If your dog decides to attempt to eat your fitted kitchen units, you may not get back everything that you need to replace the damage.

Don’t confuse contents cover with ‘pet insurance’

Pet insurance policies are quite different from the items we’re talking about here. Pet insurance is essentially private health cover for your pet, and will help to protect you against expensive vet bills amongst other things.

As with all insurance policies, when looking for pet cover it’s vital that you read the small print. Making sure you’ve the right policy in place could save your heartache and expense later. Compare home insurance policies today with our home insurance comparison service and see how much you could save.

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