Do you have to infom your home insurance provider that you have pets?

As much as we love our animals, they can be more destructive than toddlers. So, if you have a pet, you’ll need to tell your insurance provider or potentially risk having a claim rejected. Here are our top tips for making sure you’re covered for pet damage. 

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Be honest with your home insurance provider

As we said, pets can be destructive and if your furry friend causes havoc in your home then you may have to make a claim on your insurance. And if you haven’t told your insurance provider about your pet then you may find you don’t have the correct cover in place. When comparing home insurance quotes with us, we’ll always give you the opportunity to let us know about any pets.

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Don’t rely on your home contents insurance

Standard home contents insurance doesn’t usually cover pet damage. Home insurance covers you for an array of events that cause damage to your home – damage by a pet isn’t likely to fit under one of these events. You could argue it would be classed as Accidental Damage however…

Don’t rely on an accidental damage add-on

Accidental damage cover is an optional add-on to your home contents insurance, which covers things like spills and breakages. But most accidental damage policies don’t cover pet damage. 

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Check which insurance providers cover pet damage

If you want your policy to include pets, you’ll need to find an insurance provider that extends cover to include animals. The best place to check is in the accidental damage section of the policy. Have a read of what is and isn’t covered and see if “damage caused by pets” is excluded.

Don’t confuse contents cover with pet insurance

Pet insurance is essentially private healthcare for your animal, which is there to protect you from expensive vets’ bills. But some policies will help you find an expert to deal with behavioural problems – which may help protect your belongings from misbehaving pets (but pre-existing conditions may be excluded).  If you’re looking for cover for your faithful hound or playful cat, then we can help.

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Check the small print

As with all insurance policies, when looking for pet cover it’s vital you check the small print. Making sure you’ve got the right policy in place could save you a lot of heartache and expense later.  

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