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If you own a farm you’re probably more concerned about the state of your animals, whether your crops will survive a late frost or making sure the drainage on the land is sufficient. One thing that you might not concern yourself with, is your farmhouse.


But what happens if a herd of cows decides to stampede through your house or a tractor takes a wrong turn through your living room? Just because your home is down on the farm, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s actually covered by your home insurance

What is farmhouse insurance?

It’s pretty much what it says – home insurance to cover a house on a farm!  It’s not the same as farm insurance – this is a policy that covers your farming business. 

Insuring your farmhouse is the same as insuring a standard home but you may need specialist home insurance. The insurance is based on the cost of rebuilding your home should the worst happen. 

How is farmhouse insurance different from farm insurance?

Farm insurance covers the business aspect of your farm and not necessarily any private accommodation on it. So farm insurance might offer protection such as payment of vet fees, employer’s liability and cover anything that happens to your livestock or crops.

Although many specialist providers do have policies that cover farms and farm buildings, it’s worth checking the small print to find out exactly what their definition of ‘farm buildings’ is. The last thing you want to find out when you’re in the midst of claiming is that the pig shed is covered but your home isn’t.

compare farmhouse insurance

What do I need to consider with farmhouse insurance?

Most farmhouses are different from your average semi and you’ll need to take this into consideration when you choose or compare policies. One of the main areas that might concern you as a farmhouse owner is your level of security.

Many farmhouses are rural and more often than not, are remote with very few immediate neighbours. Plus, if your home is on a working farm, livestock and expensive farming equipment could prove a big temptation for thieves. It might be worth investing in a security system or burglar alarm for your home and outbuildings (and making sure you use it) to give you peace of mind but also to act as a deterrent. Your insurance for your farmhouse won’t cover your farming equipment, livestock or outbuildings because they’re business assets so make sure you get separate cover for this too!

You should also consider the age of your farmhouse. Traditionally built farmhouses may need specialist materials or craftsmen to repair or rebuild so ensure you add this into your quote to get the most accurate price. Once we display the quotes it’s worth looking at the finer details of each policy to find out exactly what each policy will cover.

How much is farmhouse insurance?

Because each farmhouse is different to the next and more intricate than your average semi, the exact cost of your insurance will depend on the level of cover you choose as well as the size of your farmhouse and the rebuild value. 

farmhouse in the middle of the countryside

Why else should I compare the market?

Because it’s not about agreeing to the first or cheapest policy you see. It’s also not about going for the most expensive and thinking that’ll have you covered. It’s because your farmhouse is so different to your average semi it’s about finding the right policy for your needs and that means being able to compare different policies at the same time. So don’t leave it out to pasture, start comparing the market with us today and see how much you could save.


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