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If you live on a farmhouse, can a regular home insurance policy cover you? Find out all you need to know about insuring your farmhouse property.

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How do I insure my farmhouse?

As with any home, you should consider buildings insurance and contents insurance for your farmhouse.

But farmhouses can be different from typical properties – they might be built with older materials or be more vulnerable to break-ins. If your farmhouse is made from less common materials – like cob or timber frame, for example – you may need home insurance for non-standard properties to cover your farmhouse. 

Either way, when getting a quote through us at Compare the Market, you’ll be asked all the questions necessary for insurance providers to know if they can offer you a policy. You don’t need to know if your farmhouse would be classified as non-standard: enter your details and the providers will assess this for you.

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How much will my farmhouse insurance cost?

Because each farmhouse is different, the exact cost of your insurance will depend on the level of cover you choose, as well as the size of your farmhouse, its rebuild value and a host of other things, which insurance providers use to calculate a premium.

To find out what insurance options are available, use our tool to compare home insurance and get a farmhouse quote that suits your needs.

How is farmhouse insurance different from farm insurance?

It’s important to understand that farmhouse insurance and farm insurance are not the same thing. 

Farm insurance covers your farming business and can offer you protection for your farming equipment, livestock and crops as business assets, as well as employers’ liability cover.

While farm insurance covers the business elements of your farm, it may not include any private accommodation on it. It’s worth checking the small print to find out exactly what “farm buildings” are included in your policy.

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