The Help to Buy mortgage guarantee scheme is due to finish at the end of the year so if you have a 5% deposit and want to get on board with the government essentially being your guarantor, then get in quick. But if you’ve been there, already done that and just picked up the keys to your very own home sweet home, then what are you going to do next? Sure, there’s the sensible stuff you know you should do – like steam clean the carpets, change the locks and know where the stopcock is; but that’s boring – here’s what you could do instead.

first night in your new home

1)    Picture perfect

There’s one thing a 21st century first time home owner has to do and that’s take a selfie – what else is Facebook/Instagram/SnapChat/WhatsApp for if it’s not to boast about your amazing new pad? Get that selfie stick out and cue pout, flick of the hair and a flash of those new house keys.

2)    Make a toast

Quite literally because you’ll probably be hungry with all the excitement. But failing to discover which unlabelled brown box the toaster’s in; the next best thing is to pop open (or unscrew) the fizzy Lambrini (champagne’s out – you just bought a house remember?) and don’t forget the plastic glasses – classy.

3)    Check out the neighbours

Time to make yourself look presentable – don’t want to scare anyone just yet. There’s plenty of time for that later when you take out the bins in your Winnie the Pooh pjs and novelty rabbit ear slippers.  

4)    Throw away your inhibitions

This is your home, celebrate it by doing all the things you could never do at your parents or flat-share because you ran the risk of being caught. So, dance around the living room in your pants using a wooden spoon as a microphone – there’s no-one to see you…and then you remember – you haven’t put the curtains up yet…

5)    Celebratory take away

It’s got to be done, because let’s face it you can’t remember which box contains the plates and cutlery…

Time to check out the local chippy/Indian/Chinese/pizza joint. Or even all four? It’s been a long day after all.

6)    Décor disasters

You’ve got some definite ideas – minimalist Nordic sophistication, shabby chic or perhaps something a little urban, hip and metro? Then you sort through your stuff and realise that the only look you’ll have for some time is grandma’s Oxfam rejects.

7)    Fall asleep content

Ah! The first night in your new home – it’s bliss, even if you did forget to unpack your bedding.

Of course, once first day novelties have worn off, it’s time to get stuff sorted. There’s only so much fun you can have without a landline, wi-fi and TV. So, first things first, make sure your home insurance is already in order, then get onto finding what broadband package is right for you; and if you’ve got a car, don’t forget to tell your car insurance provider that you’ve moved. The good news is you can do all of that right here at so you don’t even have to dig out a pen and paper – your smartphone will do – bonus.