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October is home security month – granted it’s probably not as exciting as Talk like a pirate day (September 19) or World egg day (October 14, 2016) but it might be a bit more useful. A home is burgled every 40 seconds in the UK and now that the nights are drawing in earlier, we can expect an increase in burglaries.

Clearly, no-one wants to come home to broken windows, forced locks or even worse – be at home if a burglar tries to break in; but sometimes taking practical steps to burglary prevention takes a back seat in busy households. Which is why we’ve put together some articles all about home security – from understanding whether security systems are really worth the faff to finding out what neighbourhood watch schemes are all about (and it’s not just about curtain twitching). And if you really want to impress your friends (or weird them out) then become an expert in knowing what different types of locks there are.

When it comes to actually insuring your stuff, we’ll help you understand the difference between buildings insurance and contents insurance Plus if you’ve got some high value bits and bobs then you should make sure you’ve got enough cover for these too. And it’s not just homeowners, if you rent or are a student, you should also make sure that your personal belongings covered. 

But it isn’t just your home and what’s inside that you should look after – think about what you’ve got stashed in your garden shed or garage. You might think that your ancient lawn mower, rusty garden tools and kids’ toys aren’t worth pinching – but add it all up and you’ll be surprised at how much out of pocket you could be if you had to replace them.

So, whatever your home and contents needs are, make sure you’re in the know this Home Security Month and visit our home insurance hub or start a quote.

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