Let’s start with the good news. 99%* of car insurance claims are accepted and see an average of £2160 paid out per claim. The bad news? These high successful claim rates are not mirrored across other insurance products. According to ABI and AXA data, 1 in 10 of your travel insurance claims are rejected.


Car insurance is one of the simpler insurance products and has far fewer exclusions than other policies. So if you’re unfortunate enough to have an accident or collision and you have to claim against your insurance, you can rest assured that your claim (within reason) is likely to be successful.


With travel, however, you’re a little likelier to come across reasons to reject a claim. According to this data, the reasons for this seem to range from failure to declare a pre-existing medical condition that led to a claim, to cancellation falling outside of the scope of cover. We can even see that some of your claims are rejected because the claim itself is actually below the policy excess.


And in fact, this is compounded in home insurance claims, with 1 in 5 claims rejected. Whilst 79% of home claims are paid, with the average pay out providing £2,520, there are clearly several of you that are likely to miss out. And why? Well there are a whole host of reasons provided by ABI and AXA, some of which include: wear and tear or damage caused by a lack of maintenance which are not insurable, the claim value being below the policy excess, and not having bought the right cover, such as accidental damage, which is often an added extra.


Fortunately for all us, we can safeguard ourselves against some of the above by making sure we’ve got the right level of cover. When buying insurance policies, whether it’s car, home or travel, it’s really important that we take our time to look at what exactly is covered by the policies we are buying. By comparing insurance, you can ensure that you’re getting a good deal, but be careful to look at the terms and conditions.


Each of our providers offer a slightly different level of service, and whilst some of you might need extra cover to go skiing on holiday, some of you may rather have extra peace of mind that you’ll get your money back if you have to cancel your trip. It’s important that you look at what matters to you and make sure that whatever policy you buy has you covered.


Home and travel policies in particular tend to have a lot more ‘add-ons’ then car insurance so it’s even more important to look into the details when you’re buying a new policy. With home insurance for example, things like accidental damage or personal possessions cover aren’t likely to be included in a core policy. So if you want to be able to claim for a wine-ruined carpet or a lost or stolen handbag, you’ll need to make sure you’ve bought any additional cover you require.


And what’s more, checking the level of excess on any insurance product can ensure that there are no nasty surprises if you ever have to claim. Having a slightly higher excess may reduce your premiums in the short run (you can read more here), but could cause you difficulties in the event you have to claim. Be sure to set a realistic excess that you’ll be able to afford if you ever need to.


So don’t be dismayed, there’s a lot we can learn by looking at why some claims get rejected. By comparing car, home or travel insurance, you can make sure you’re getting a good deal and the right level of cover for you and your family. Just be sure to take your time, read the conditions of each policy, and make sure you’re covered for any of life’s hiccups.