A simples guide

How to protect your home while on honeymoon

If you’re reading this we’re guessing you are either about to, or have recently got married. If that’s the case, congratulations from all of us here!

Now for the honeymoon. The last thing you want to be doing on your romantic getaway is worrying about the empty house you’ve left back home. Taking some simple, practical, commonsensical steps will help you relax and enjoy your holiday together.

1) Check your contents cover

Weddings are an expensive business. Not only have you shelled out for the big day itself but you may well have invested in some personal items that didn’t come cheap.

If your guests were generous you may have accumulated a number of gifts too.

It’s worth taking a few moments to check that your contents cover is sufficient to cover these new items as well as whether any items should be separately disclosed.

Finally, hide your valuables away or put them in a safe if you have one.

2) If you’ve a great neighbour or friend, use them

We’ll look at a number of steps you can take to minimise the chances of a burglary without any human intervention, but there’s nothing like having someone actually watch over the place for you.

60% of burglaries take place when the property is left empty so the more you can make the place looked occupied, the better. Even simple things like bringing your bin back in after bin day and making sure junk mail doesn’t accumulate will help.

If they’re able to park a car on your drive and move the curtains about every few days, even better.

Having a trusted third party with spare keys would also help in the unfortunate event that a pipe bursts or access is needed for any other reason while you’re away.

3) Cancel items

If you have things delivered, make sure you cancel them. Remember to stop any newspapers that you have delivered. Similarly, cancel the milk man for a while, and think about any deliveries that you might have scheduled, you don’t want a parcel left outside for a period of time.

If you do have the neighbour we mentioned, have them look out for parcels in case any friends send you wedding presents while you’re away.

You can also put your post on hold by contacting the Royal Mail and asking about their “Keepsafe” service.

4) Locks and keys

It’s obvious, but make sure you lock everything properly. That includes the shed, garage and other outbuildings. Don’t forget the windows too if you have window locks.

If you’re in the habit of leaving spare keys outside, move them before you go away. Your ‘secure’ hiding place really isn’t very secure, and a determined thief would probably find them in no time.

5) Lighting

You might want to consider adding some security lighting outside if it’s particularly dark by your house. Movement sensitive lights will help deter thieves whilst not disturbing the neighbours unduly.

Inside, you could buy some timer plugs that allow you to turn lamps on and off at appropriate times to enhance the ‘lived in’ look of the house while you’re away.

6) Social Media

Your wedding is probably a big event on your social media pages as you share the happy news with your family and friends.

Just make sure that your pages are private. Despite all the warnings in the media, over 15% of us still have fully open social media accounts. Thieves know that honeymoons follow weddings like days follow nights.

While away try and restrict the temptation to tag yourselves as away. Share your photos when you return rather than while away. If you’re under pressure to share some snaps, send them to specific close friends and family rather than posting them to all.

With these simple measures in place, go and have an amazing time!

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