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^^iGO4 LeakBot offer terms and conditions

This offer is for a free LeakBot leak detection device, available online for £149***.

1. iGO4 will offer a discount based on you downloading the LeakBot Android or Apple mobile app, following the installation instructions to fit LeakBot to your mains water supply at the insured address, connecting it to your home Wi-Fi network and registering your device within 28 days of delivery.
2. In order to send your Leakbot to you, we will need to share a limited amount of your personal data with HomeServe Labs Ltd, who supply the device. If you choose not to consent to this, we will honour the quotation but you will not qualify for the Leakbot.
3. To be eligible, you must purchase an iGO4 home insurance policy online or by telephone, as a result of a quotation obtained through Compare the Market from the 13th November 2019. We can withdraw the offer at any time but will apply the promotion to any policies taken out as a result of quotation obtained before the withdrawal.
4. The LeakBot device is provided by Homeserve Labs Limited (“Homeserve Labs”). It will be dispatched to you with full installation and setup instructions within 3-5 days following purchase of a qualifying iGO4 home insurance policy. Full terms and conditions and privacy policy for LeakBot can be found at https://leakbot.io/general-terms-and-conditions/ and https://leakbot.io/privacy-policy/
5. LeakBot is only suitable for detecting leaks in residential bungalows or houses. It is not suitable for use in flats or other properties with a shared mains water supply.
6. LeakBot will monitor your freshwater plumbing system for leaks. Leak alerts will be sent to you via SMS and email, and the LeakBot status will be reported in the LeakBot Android or Apple mobile app.
7. Should you receive a leak alert and, after following the in-app diagnostic instructions, you are unable to locate the leak, at your request Homeserve Labs will appoint an engineer who will be sent to the insured address to locate the leak free of charge for your first leak alert.
8. You can fix any leaks that are detected by LeakBot either by appointing Homeserve Labs to repair the leaks for a fixed charge (which will include parts, labour and VAT), entering into a service contract with Homeserve Labs, or by arranging repairs independently.
9. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and is only available for one device installed at the insured property.
10. This offer is restricted to one LeakBot device per customer.
11. This offer is only available to you if your insured address is in mainland England and Wales.
12. This offer is provided by iGO4 Ltd, Staniland Way, Peterborough PE4 6JT in association with Homeserve Labs Ltd, Cable Drive, Walsall WS2 7BN.

***Available online at https://leakbot.io/leakbot/

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