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Should you increase your contents insurance for a wedding?

Congratulations to you and your partner if you’re tying the knot soon. We know that it’s a time of huge excitement. There may of course be the odd sprinkling of stress thrown in as you make sure everything is organised for the big day.

Worrying about your home contents insurance shouldn’t be top of your list of priorities. It probably isn’t but a few minutes’ consideration could save some heartache in the event that something untoward happens.

The period before, during and just after your wedding could see the value of your contents increase significantly. There’s the dress and suits for example. Additionally, there’s new jewellery, photographic equipment and so on. If your guests have been generous there may also be a significant amount of new stuff too!

Isn’t this already covered?

Home contents insurance comes with a value limit attached. It’s too awful to even contemplate, but in the event that you lost everything in a fire, you need to be sure that your limits are sufficient.

You may also have brought, or been brought new valuables that need to be listed on your insurance policy in their own right. If that’s the case, you’ll need to have them added.

The good news is that some insurers automatically increase your home insurance cover for some special occasions including weddings. This may for example automatically increase the contents value by a certain percentage for a set period of time.

Don’t assume this to be the case though. Home contents policies can all be quite different, with varying conditions, terms and exclusions. You’ll need to check the small print of your policy or give your insurance provider a call to find out whether you’re covered.

Remember, they’re not mind readers either, so you’ll need to actually tell them you’re getting married.

increased contents insurance for weddings


What about the wedding itself?

Your wedding should be a lot of fun, but there’s no getting away from it, they don’t come cheap these days. While nothing can compensate for the disruption if something goes wrong on the big day, specific wedding insurance could help compensate you for any financial loss to your significant investment. We don’t offer specific wedding insurance but the legal cover on your home insurance policy may help you with a number of issues that could disrupt the wedding. For example, if the food didn’t turn up, you could use legal cover to start legal proceedings against the catering company.

Wedding insurance will cover you against one of the many services going wrong and leaving you out of pocket. That includes the florist, the caterer, the car company, the photographer and the rest.

Your policy will also cover you in the event that the bride or groom falls ill and the wedding has to be postponed, helping you cover the cost of rearrangement. It will also cover you if the event is completely washed out by a storm, flood or heavy snow.

The policy will list the services covered alongside a financial limit for each.

You can take out cover up to two years in advance if you’re super organised in the planning of your wedding. Essentially it makes sense to get the cover as soon as you start paying deposits on the various services.

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