Should you increase your contents insurance for a wedding?

With the average UK wedding now costing £27,161, should you be taking out extra home contents insurance to cover your big day? Here’s why you should think about it.

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Aren’t my wedding-related possessions already covered by my home insurance?

Home contents insurance comes with a value limit attached. And should the worst happen and you lost everything in a fire or burglary, you need to know that your limit is sufficient to cover everything.

You may well find yourself with new valuables, such as your engagement ring or wedding dress that need to be listed in their own right on your insurance policy.  

The good news is that some insurance providers automatically increase your home insurance cover for some special occasions, including weddings. This would increase your insurance cover by a certain percentage for a set time.

But don’t assume this will happen. Home contents policies are all different, so you’ll need to check your policy booklet or call your insurance provider to make sure you’re covered. 

Should you increase your contents insurance for a wedding?

It could also be worth letting your provider know you’ll be getting married, so they can change names and make sure any high value items are properly covered. And you may need to consider increasing the value of your home contents more permanently if your guests have been very generous with their wedding presents.

Do I need extra insurance cover for my wedding?

It’s possible to buy wedding insurance to give you protection if things go wrong leading up to the big day.

A successful wedding depends on so many people – the caterer, florist, car company, photographer and so on. Wedding insurance will mean you’re covered if one of them lets you down. This is usually called “failure of supplier” and crucially could also help if the venue you’ve booked goes into liquidation or can no longer host your event.

It will also cover you if either you or your partner is ill and the wedding has to be postponed. It also offers cover for extreme weather events that may impact the wedding.

Do I need extra insurance cover for my wedding?

Your policy will list each service covered, along with the maximum your insurance provider will pay out in each event.

If you’re super-organised, you can take out cover up to two years in advance. That way you can be covered for the entire run-up to your wedding.

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