Instagram is the perfect platform for proudly sharing pics of completed renovations and DIY projects, to head to when you’re looking for design inspo for your own home and keep on top of the latest interior trends.

Millions of people use Insta to share images of their homes, but which parts of the house are we most happy to share to with the world?

We’ve studied the number of posts that mention certain rooms to find out.

Most Tagged

Rooms on Instagram

For each room of the house, we looked at how many posts on Instagram have used a hashtag mentioning that room, as well as how many have mentioned that room plus the words “design”, “decor” and “inspo” and here are the results!

By far the room that people share the most often on Instagram was the kitchen, with over 30 million posts across the four tags that we looked at.

That’s almost twice as many as the next most popular room, the bedroom, which was shared in over 16 million posts, closely followed by the living room, with 15.2 million posts.

Interestingly, there was also a high number of people sharing images of lofts, with loft conversions being a popular DIY project that adds a lot of value to your home.

In fact, more people shared images of their lofts (4.1 million) than they did of their dining rooms (3 million)!

The 10 Most Tagged Rooms on instagram/TOTAL NUMBER OF POSTS

The Most Tagged Rooms on Instagram Ranked



Main Hashtag




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The Most Followed

Home Influencers

But for some, showing off their beautifully put together homes with the rest of the world isn’t just a humble brag to their mates, it’s a full-time career.

Whether they’re professional interior designers or just regular DIY enthusiasts who have gained a loyal following, Instagram is full of ‘homefluencers’, who aren’t just hugely popular on social media but could also potentially be making a nice income through sponsored posts.

Here are some of the most followed home influencers, as well as an estimate of how much they could potentially earn through sponsored posts.

The 10 Most Followed home influencers/Estimated Earnings per post

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The Most Followed home influencers Ranked




Estimated Earnings per Post


All data for hashtags and followers were sourced from Instagram and were correct as of 05/06/2020.

Potential earnings per post were estimated using Influencer Marketing Hub’s Instagram Money Calculator, based on both the number of followers and engagement levels.