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Insurance cover during a house move

When you’re moving house it’s important that you’ve got the right insurance cover in place. That goes for your old house, your new one and your contents throughout the move. You’ll have enough to consider when the big day arrives, so it’s worth sparing a few minutes in advance to make sure you have everything covered. 

Insuring your new home

There are a few things to consider when it comes to insurance and moving house.

If you’re staying with the same insurance provider, let them know your new address when you have all your dates lined up. Remember, when you move house in the UK, you exchange contracts some time in advance of the actual completion day. In some cases, that might be the same day, but more often than not there is a gap of a few days to a few weeks between the two dates.

Once both properties have exchanged contracts, you have taken over legal responsibility for your new property. This means you’ll need to change the address on your existing buildings insurance policy or arrange new buildings insurance on your new place.

Be mindful that some insurers may charge you to an admin fee to change your address.

Insurance of your old property is your buyer’s responsibility once they have exchanged contracts, however your buildings insurance policy may provide cover for your buyer for any damage to the property that occurs between exchange of contracts and completion of the sale.

If you haven’t exchanged contracts on your old property then you will need to have a buildings insurance policy for both properties until it is sold. If you have contents in both properties you will also need a contents policy for each property.



Home contents insurance in transit

If you arrange to move house with one of the larger removal firms, you might be offered insurance during the move. This usually covers your items for the time that they’re under the control of the removal company, and covers them against damage by breakage, accident, fire, storm or theft.

Before you jump at the removal companies offer and sign up for cover, it is worth checking your existing home contents insurance first. Many insurance providers will cover your possessions during your removal. However, there’s a small proviso, and that’s that you must use a professional removal firm to actually do the move. Some insurance providers may offer removal cover as an optional extra.

It’s worth checking any small print. Sometimes insurance providers require that items are professionally packed before they’ll insure you. They may also exclude certain items such as cash, jewellery and valuable documents too.

Don’t forget to compare prices

Moving house often offers the opportunity to assess whether you’re getting the best value for money. Whilst the insurance provider might have been the cheapest at your old place, there is no guarantee that that is still the case in the new one. Be aware of any new address admin fees or cancellation fees if you decide to switch in the middle of your policy period. Sometimes though, the saving might make it worth changing anyway.

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