Tips one keeping your home safe and running efficiently

The 19th century designer William Morris suggested you should “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”. It’s a good motto to have, and anything that makes your home efficient is thoroughly useful even if it’s not so pretty to look at. Here’s some common home improvements to consider and their practical solutions.

Monitor carbon monoxide

While most of us will have smoke alarms installed already, you might not be aware of the importance of having a carbon monoxide monitor too. Around 200 people a year are hospitalised with carbon monoxide poisoning. Check our guide to other home security tech which includes systems that can monitor both your carbon monoxide and energy consumption to help reduce your energy costs. Regardless of what security system you have, you could make a saving on your home insurance if you have one installed.


There’s nothing better than a fire when it’s cold out, but being safe is more important than being cosy, and you can never take it for granted. Pick out a simple fireguard or go for a more aesthetically-pleasing one – no one says useful can’t be beautiful too. (If there are children around, though, a free-standing fireguard won’t do – fence off the fireplace with baby gating.) 

Replace your locks, window and doors

Replacing and updating your exterior locks, windows and doors could help to not only improve your home security but also your energy efficiency. Replacing them could improve the amount of air that can leak in/out of them and reduce that precious heat that leaves through them. Replacing them could also help to reduce your home insurance premium as it could help to make your home more secure.

Check your boiler cover

Make sure your boiler is up to scratch and look into replacing yours if it’s old or inefficient. A faulty boiler could also be a cause of carbon monoxide poisoning. Some home insurance providers offer boiler cover within their home emergency policies, use our  comparison service to find the right cover for you.

Join our energy collective

An energy collective gives you access to energy offers, as the more people that join a collective, the stronger the buying power we all have. Complete a quote on any product and you’ll qualify. If you accept ‘marketing preferences’ during the journey, we’ll email you when we have a collective ready for you. Find out more here.

Get serious and smarter with your energy

Check out our guides to getting smarter and serious about saving energy. These include some smart little things you can do to save energy and some more serious structural ways you can save energy at home.