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A distinct benefit of being 50 or over is that many insurance providers now consider you a lower risk, meaning you could pay less for your home and car insurance. So if you think you’re paying over the odds for your home and contents insurance, or even if you’re not, let us help you find the best possible home insurance policy with a quote tailored to over 50s customers.

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What is different about over 50s insurance?

Insurers like the over 50s because they tend to make fewer home insurance claims than younger generations. Insurers may also believe that as experienced householders they are likely to be more responsible and take care of valued possessions. Whatever the reasons, it’s time to take advantage of the benefits that are on offer to you.

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What to consider when choosing your policy

Some of your prized possessions may have been with you a long time, so you don’t want to argue about their value with the insurer. You might want to choose a ‘new for old ’ clause in your policy that means you get a new item to replace anything damaged or lost and you don’t need to argue over second-hand valuations. 

If you have a larger home to consider, you will need to make sure your policy has the right level of building cover. Check the small print on any policy, if you need to make a claim then that is not the time to find out that there’s limit on the claim and it’s less than the value of your home.

You also want to ensure that the policy covers the rebuild cost – the amount it will take to rebuild your home from scratch, instead of the market value. 

As with any policy you need to make a list of priorities and then see what you really need. You might find you can make big savings, or get better cover, simply by switching policies. We can help you find the answers you need.

How reasonable is home insurance for over 50s?

As well as being considered a lower risk by many insurers, you also have the upper hand with a wider range of policies available to you, including a series of specialist policies tailored to over 50s. Companies such as RIAS have managed to negotiate discounts and even lump sum welcome bonuses that the traditional insurers then have to try to compete with.

Do not just accept that they have the best deals, though. Make sure you check the market, and that’s where we are here to help. If you are in the market for over 50s home insurance then you’re a prize worth fighting for and the insurers are going all out for your business. So if you have simply renewed your insurance every year without checking the options, then you could have missed out on significant savings at each renewal.

It is never too late to look for a better deal. Let us guide you through the maze of over 50s home insurance and make sure you get the best deal and the best treatment for the level of cover that suits you best.

compare over 50s home insurance quotes

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