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Your home is your world. Quality home insurance can allow you to sleep easy, knowing that you’re covered should the worst happen. We can help take the hassle out of searching for an insurer, by comparing the best value policies from a range of providers offering over 60s home and car insurance to suit your needs. 

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What benefits are there for over 60s home insurance?

There are a number of benefits when it comes to taking out home insurance if you’re over 60. The insurance industry revolves around level of risk and the likelihood of a claim being made. It has been proven that policies taken out by people over 60 are less likely to be claimed against. Perhaps this is because over 60s could be seen as more responsible. Whatever the reason, we make it as easy as we can for you to find cheap over 60s home and specialist insurance through our panel of insurers.

The over 60s tend to make fewer home insurance claims than younger generations. Home insurance tends to favour the more experienced homeowner, because underwriters know that you take care of your property—and that is what they want in a customer!

You also have the ability to take advantage of insurers who specifically cater their home insurance policies to over 60s. Companies like RIAS offer quality insurance at an affordable price because they want your business.

How affordable is over 60s home insurance?

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll generally find home insurance for over 60s a little cheaper than the average UK home insurance policy. That doesn’t mean you should settle, though. You can still save more money by comparing policies with us, and keeping your eyes peeled for introductory offers.

It may be possible to achieve further savings by moving your other insurance policies to your new insurer, too. By giving your new over 60s home insurance provider more business, you may see additional reductions in the rates that you are quoted. 

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What will affect the cost of home insurance for over 60s?

While there are plenty of excellent home insurance deals out there for over 60s, some things will affect the price of your policy. Your quote may go up or down, depending on these variables. Below are a few things that insurers will take into consideration when pricing your policy:

- Your location. Areas that are prone to flooding, for example, will have higher rates than those that don’t.

- Your claims history. The fewer claims you have made, the less your over 60s home insurance is likely to cost.

- The number of bathrooms. Water is a major reason for claims so it stands to reason that the higher your bathroom count, the higher your premium may be.

- The type of building that you live in. Detached, semi-detached, bungalows—they’re all very different, and that can be reflected in your insurance quote too.

- Security is a factor for many over 60s home insurance policies. How regularly somebody is in the house, if you have a home alarm, and the type of locks you have on your doors and windows can all affect your premium.

All insurers are different. How the above factors, and others, affect your premium can vary massively between different insurers. That is why it’s best to shop around. Fortunately, our simple comparison service does all of the leg work for you!

How can I get the best deal on my over 60s home insurance?

We allow you to easily search through a large panel of insurers that offer over 60s home insurance policies. To get the very best value when it is time to renew, simply visit our website and start a quote. Get comparing and see how much you could save! 

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