As a nation, we’re becoming more and more reliant on our gadgets – whether it be our smartphones, laptops or our fitness trackers – so it’s no wonder many of us choose to take out the appropriate cover to provide peace of mind should the worst happen. However, our latest research shows that many of you may be unnecessarily paying double to protect your personal items by simply not checking the terms and conditions within your contents insurance policies first...

In fact, one in 10 UK adults revealed they’ve taken out separate gadget insurance on items that are already covered by their contents policy, because they simply didn’t have the time or inclination to check to see whether they were already covered. One of the main reasons behind this could simply be a lack of understanding among gadget-holders on what their content insurance covers them for, as more than a third (36%) of those who are paying twice to insure their gadgets do so because they’re unaware these are already covered.

While up to 5 million of us may be at risk of being over-insured, our research also showed that there’s still some scepticism around claiming for damage to our gadgets. Over half (59%) of people we polled think the policies are not ‘worthwhile’, while two thirds (65%) think the extra cost is a ‘waste of money’.

Additionally, a fifth (22%) of those who’ve damaged their personal gadgets have admitted to paying for the repair upfront – double those who claimed on their insurance (11%) – suggesting many of you are unsure whether your gadget cover will pay out. Interestingly, our research also showed we’re far more likely to take out separate insurance for white goods, such as fridges, washing machines and televisions, than for hand-held tech such as smartphones and tablets!

Chris King

Chris King

Head of Home Insurance

“It’s always worth checking your contents insurance before making any big purchases, as you may find you don’t need to take out separate insurance to cover your must-have gizmo.


“If you find your gadget isn’t covered by your contents insurance, it’s worth calling your insurer and seeing if this is something that can be added to your policy. Typically, the additional cost to your premium will be significantly less compared to the cost of taking out a separate gadget insurance policy. Just be mindful that it’s worth claiming, based on the excess you’ll be liable to pay in the event of a claim.”

*5124986 UK adults. This is a percentage (9.9%) of the UK adult population, as according to ONS data.
The findings are based on a poll of 2101 UK adults conducted by Populus, the research house, between 15th and 16th November 2017.

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