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Should I get possessions insurance if I live at home and commute to university?

The first thing to check is whether you might have existing cover in place that would protect you.

We’re all about trying to save you money. There’s no point taking out a new student insurance policy if you’re possessions are already covered under your parents’ policy.

University possessions insurance

If there’s an existing policy or you’re thinking of getting a new one, it’s worth looking for a few different things.

Insurance policies always have limits in terms of value, and various exclusions, that is, events that they won’t cover.

- Standard contents cover doesn’t usually include any losses that happen outside of the home unless ‘personal possessions cover’ is added. You may see it called different things such as ‘personal belongings cover’ or ‘away from home’ cover but they mean the same thing. Essentially it covers your contents when you’re on the move or when you’re away from home.

commuting to university possessions insurance

Possessions insurance

If you’re commuting with your possessions, this is likely to be the cover you need to protect those valuable items such as laptops, phones or tablets.

- Always check the item limits. Items usually have a maximum value attached to them, say for example £1,000. While this might be fine for things like your coat or your phone, you might need to think about it if you have an expensive laptop computer. All you’ll need to do is specify higher value items to make sure they’re covered.

- Also check that all your important possessions are included. This is particularly the case with bikes or musical instruments which are sometimes need to be itemised separately on your insurance policy.

We can be quite lax sometimes when it comes to reading the details of what we sign up for.

With insurance policies, you will always get a chance to review your policy documentation. This includes all the important information about what is covered, where it is covered and how much it is covered for.

It’s really important that you read this to make sure that you have the cover in place that you need.

laptop possessions insurance for commuting

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