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You may have recently purchased or inherited another property as well as the one you already own. Whether you are leaving it vacant, or renting it out as a holiday let, or as a permanently rented property; you will need home insurance to cover both of your homes.

Home insurance policy

Many people take out a home insurance policy on their second home without disclosing to the insurer that the property is not their main residence. This can be problematic because second home insurance has different terms and conditions to the policy on your main home and you might find that you aren’t covered when something happens.

As an example, many homes aren’t covered if they are unoccupied for more than 30 days. A normal policy might extend the time a little, but if you intend to leave your second home empty for a lengthy period, you may need specialised cover called non-standard home insurance. If you are planning to rent your property you can look for specialist landlords insurance on our website. 

Landlords Insurance

If you need second home insurance on a property you are letting out, then you will need to tell the insurers you are a landlord. Landlord’s insurance can include cover for changing locks, replacing glass and for accommodating your tenants somewhere else should the property become uninhabitable due to an event covered by your insurance, which could happen if there was a fire or a flood. 

Holiday home insurance

If you let out your second home as a holiday home, even for brief periods you need to tell your insurer when you’re looking for second home insurance.  This is because people who stay in someone else’s property may not be as careful as they are in their own homes, leading to the property being damaged or destroyed.

Your second home insurance policy may cover you for personal injury and legal insurance so that if a person who was holidaying in your home has an accident due to something that occurred at your property because it was badly maintained or in disrepair, then you’re covered for any legal action taken against you. This is called Public Liability Insurance.


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Buildings insurance

At the very least, it’s a good idea to have your main residence and your second property covered by buildings insurance whether you have a mortgage or not. The policy will cover you for such things as falling trees, flooding and fire but more importantly the cost of re-building your home in the event that it is totally destroyed. You can get the cost of the rebuild from the survey which was done when you purchased your home or, you can ask for a surveyor to give you a quote. You can also use the calculation service provided by the Building Cost Information Service (BCIS) for guidance. 

Contents and home emergency cover

Insurance for both homes, could also include cover for contents.  Although, if you have tenants, you’re not responsible for their contents, they have to insure those themselves but you might want to insure any furniture in a rented property that belongs to you.

You might also want to consider Home Emergency Cover for your second home, especially if you are letting it out. This type of cover should protect you if your boiler breaks down or you have burst pipes. Depending on the circumstances it means that the repairs could be carried out quickly. There will be a limit on the cost of repairs.

You can easily search for second home insurance through our website as long as the property is in the UK. Start a quote, tell us a bit about you, your home, how it’s used and the level of cover you’ll need and we’ll provide you with a list of competitive quotes for you to browse and choose from. 

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