Should you sell your home before Brexit?

Reports of falling house prices may put off potential sellers and buyers. But what if you have to sell? Here are a few tips.

Tom Harrison
Content writer
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Posted 13 SEPTEMBER 2019

The last few weeks have seen the publication of sometimes contradictory reports on the effects of Brexit on UK house prices.

Whatever the reality in your part of the UK, the climate of uncertainty might make people feel that now isn’t the best time to put their home on the market. But if moving is essential – for work, for example – you may not have much choice. So, what will give you a good chance of selling?

Do your research: get an idea of what properties like yours have been selling for recently. You can see asking prices on estate agents’ websites and property portals, and selling prices on the Land Registry website.

Get three estate agent valuations: this will give you a range of expert opinion on what you can expect to get for your property and help you to be realistic about pricing.

Give yourself time: your property may take longer to sell than it would at another time, so give yourself as much leeway as possible.

Be calm and patient: bear in mind that buyers may be feeling uncertain. Do all you can to reassure them and give them confidence.

Don’t turn down viewings: make time for potential buyers even if they want to view the property at an inconvenient time.

Make your property as attractive as possible: the same rules apply during Brexit as they do at any other time. A clean, freshly decorated, uncluttered home is likely to have lots of buyer appeal.