It’s a cliché but it’s true. In Britain, we love talking about the weather – what it’s done, what it’s doing and what it’s likely to do – we just can’t help ourselves. And the winter of 2015, was a meteorological delight for discussion with the wettest and warmest December since records began in 1910. But for those affected by the floods, it was anything but plain sailing.

There were four major storms that buffeted the UK last year – Abigail, Frank, Gertrude and Desmond. The resulting floods are officially registered as one of the worst to affect us in 100 years (along with the floods of 1947). The volume of water that flowed was so great that you could have filled up the Albert Hall in less than a minute. And the highest recorded rainfall occurred during the 24 hours before Storm Desmond hit – 341.4mm in Honister Pass in the Lake District.

For those affected it was almost biblical and Noah’s Ark would certainly have come in handy as 16,000 homes were flooded due to the storms. For anyone that’s been through it, you know that the aftermath carries on long after the floods have receded.

Flood damage is extensive, and water gets everywhere, leaving very little to salvage. The insurance bill from Storm Desmond alone came to more than £1.3 billion. Even once the insurance claims have been put in, families are still left to clear up – a process than can take months and months.

If an epic storm decides to hit, there’s not a lot any of us can do about it but to batten down the hatches and try and prepare for it as best we can. It’s not always about making big, expensive changes; protecting your home from flooding is sometimes just about planning ahead and taking simple precautions like evidencing your high value items and knowing where you might stay if a flood was imminent.

So be prepared and get ready to put that stiff upper lip into action – because we don’t just like to talk about the weather, we have to live through it too. And when that happens, it’s good to know someone’s got your back – so get ready and get insured right here at

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