Compare Home Contents Insurance for Students

Heading off to university can give you the first taste of real freedom.

Away from mum and dad’s house rules, there’s no curfew and it’s an opportunity to try new things and experience life as your own boss.

In all the excitement, it’s easy to forget some of the more boring things such as insurance – but you might be doing so at your peril. It’s rough to think that one third of students fall victim to theft and burglary and that 20% of those occur in the first six weeks of term!

Contents insurance is worth a few minutes of your time.

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Frequently Thought Questions

We know you’ve a lot on your plate, so we’re here to try and save you some time while giving you the facts you need. Read on to find answers to the questions you need answering.

What does home contents insurance do?

Standard home contents insurance cover, covers you for the damage or theft of your possessions. Considering that on average students are said to have around £3,658 worth of tech property alone, it’s definitely worth making sure you’ve insured it.

Contents insurance for students should cover all your possessions, including laptops, cameras, study books, clothes and other possessions, although you may need to specify certain items.

You said ‘standard’, why, what other options are there?

There’s a couple of extra situations that you might want to consider, that you can have as ‘add ons.’ Firstly, accidental cover in the event that you or someone else is clumsy and damages something might be sensible. Additionally, you might want to insure your items while you’re out and about. For example, a standard policy wouldn’t cover your laptop if you lost it on the way to college – for that you need to add extra away from home cover.

Aren’t I covered by my parent’s home insurance policy?

You may not be – it all depends on what your parent’s policy states. Some policies will include cover for your belongings whilst you’re away in halls as standard, but others won’t, so it’s vital to check first as the cover provided by a parents policy is subject to a limit. The section you’re looking for is typically called “student cover”, which can sometimes be an add-on but some policies include it as standard. It’s worth looking out for the section and giving it a thorough read to make sure you know what you are or aren’t covered for.

You’ll also need to check the wording on any standard home insurance policy carefully. Some may not cover your belongings if they are damaged or stolen outside of your room, or policies may stipulate that a lock must be used at all times with payouts only being made when there has been a forced entry. But if you’re privately renting with fellow students – locks on your bedroom doors might not be an option.

But just be aware as well, if you’re covered on your parent’s policy and you do make a claim – it could affect their no claims bonus and therefore, their future premiums.

I’m living in a Hall of Residence, do I need cover?

Check with your college or university, what cover, if any, is in place. Some institutions arrange contents insurance for their students inside their rooms.

Some universities will cover laptops, sports and electrical equipment and even food and clothes at no extra cost if you’re living in their accommodation. Again, it’s important to check the wording because your belongings might not be covered if they’re taken whilst outside of your room. Also make sure you’re happy with the level of cover you do get, particularly if you have expensive items such as a musical instrument or bikes. If your university or parents policy doesn’t cover you then you’ll need to take out contents insurance to cover you. It might be that you have to take out a separate policy for particularly costly items

What if I’m in a shared house?

If you’re in a shared house, it’s best to take out a policy to cover your belongings. Check the policy terms and conditions carefully to make sure you’re covered if others are living there though. If necessary, call the insurer and ask. You won’t be the first to check the details with them and it will give you peace of mind that you’re adequately covered.

If you want to cover only your own belongings, make sure you state this when you quote. Read the T&Cs carefully so you know what’s covered and whether there are any special terms.

Is my bike and musical instrument covered?

You should also look at insuring your bike, if you use one to get to and from university as this may not be automatically covered on a student home insurance policy, and possibly neither will a musical instrument if you play one. Double check with your insurance provider about cover when you’re away from home or university.

What about my mobile phone?

Most policies will include mobile phone cover, but it means you will be without a phone while the claim is being sorted out. If that concerns you, you might want to consider a separate mobile phone insurance policy which could replace your phone immediately.

Make sure to check the T&Cs to see which section mobile phones come under. Some providers may insist you have personal belongings cover in place to insure your mobile phone, even if it’s damaged in your home. It’s worth checking that you don’t have cover elsewhere – for example, through a bank account you pay monthly for.

How much does home contents cover cost?

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you here as it depends on lots of things. Where you’re living, your accommodation type, where in the country you are and of course how much stuff you have. You can of course use our comparison page and get actual quotes. More on that at the end.

It sounds expensive, what can I do to reduce the cost?

It depends on the policy you opt for and it’s worth making sure that you don’t scrimp when it comes to valuing your things. As we mentioned before, you might be surprised to know that the average student has around £3,658 worth of tech alone. If you are worried about the cost spiralling, read our top tips on how to lower the cost of your insurance:

Comparing the cost of home contents insurance for students

Comparing the cost of home contents insurance for students needn’t be an onerous business. We compare the cost of contents insurance from all the leading insurance providers, so you could say we’ve done all the hard work for you. To find out how simple it is, start a quote and see what you could save today.