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Mobile devices and gadgets are great. They help you to stay in touch with your loved ones, provide you with hours of fun and they’re even useful for doing work on. However, they’re also expensive, making them prime targets for theft.


Making sure your tablet is insured can help to protect you from unforeseen events. For example, your home may became the target of thieves or you might accidently drop your iPad on the floor and since they are fairly fragile, it will probably crack and need to be repaired or replaced.

Considerations for insuring your iPad

Your first instinct might be to think that you’re safe and that you don’t need insurance to cover your Apple iPad because you have a manufacturer’s warranty! In the case of a technical failure, then you’re correct. But unfortunately, the warranty doesn’t cover you for things like accidental damage or theft. Taking out contents insurance with the right level of cover can help to protect you in the event of a mishap, and so is definitely worth considering. Be sure to check your level of cover on your contents insurance.

For example, the majority of contents insurance policies will cover you for damage caused by a major peril such as a flood, fire or theft. An extra layer of cover called accidental damage would cover your iPad if it was dropped in your home for example. There is also an option to add a further layer of cover called personal possessions insurance, this would cover you if your tablet was taken out of the home and was stolen or damaged.

Being careful doesn’t always guarantee that your iPad will be safe from drops, bumps, and spills, either. In fact, the vast majority of issues with iPhones occur because of accidental damage and it isn’t necessarily going to be a different story with tablets.

Do remember that some insurance providers have caveats to what they will, and what they will not insure under contents insurance. Some things to watch out for are:

- Gadget age limits

- Theft cover may be optional

- Liquid damage may not be covered

- Various gadget eligibility requirements may need to be met

Is iPad insurance included in my home insurance, or do I need to take out a specific policy?

We don’t offer specific iPad insurance but if your home and its contents are currently covered as described above, you may find that your iPads and other tablets are already insured. However, not all contents insurers will provide Apple iPad insurance under their regular terms and even those that do may not cover your device when you’re out and about so it’s best to check your contents insurance policy for:

- Item exclusions & limits

- Accidental damage clauses

- Away from home cover & limits

- New for old

- Your excess and no claims bonus

Compare Tablet Computer Insurance

Excess and no claims bonus

While most of the above may seem obvious, the final point might have you stumped. Why would your excess and no claims bonus matter when it comes to whether you have iPad cover? Well, if you’ve opted for a high excess to lower your premium then the cost of paying the excess might match (or sometimes even exceed) the cost of just replacing your tablet or iPad—and to add insult to injury, you could lose your no claims bonus too.

Another thing to consider is whether or not you travel outside the home with your gadgets. Plenty of people take their iPads or tablets on holiday with them, on business trips, and in some cases even less conventional journeys. If you fall under this category, then it might be worth making sure that you have personal possessions cover on your contents insurance to cover your gadgets for the time you spend outside the home. If you are taking your iPad on holiday you 

How much will iPad insurance cost me?

There’s no simple answer to this question. There are various models of the iPad and countless alternative tablets from other manufacturers. Having accidental damage and personal possessions cover on your contents insurance could cover all of your possessions and gadgets within the same policy so getting an individual price for your iPad might be difficult. 

how much is ipad insurance?

How should I go about getting insurance for iPads and other gadgets?

You can visit our site and use our home insurance comparison service to find the best value contents insurance and personal possessions cover to suit you and your needs. Get comparing and see how much you could save!  

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