A study has found that Didcot, Oxfordshire, is the most ‘normal’ town in England. Despite being in a world where plenty strive to stand out from the crowd, Mayor Steve Connel, thinks the ‘normal’ label is ‘tremendous’.

The study was carried out by science researchers using data taken from the Office for National Statistics and the 2011 Census; it found that Didcot best reflected demographics and opinion in England. Eleven key areas were measured including, age, employment, and voting preferences – with Didcot calling ‘bingo’.

As you’d expect, Didcot is fairly…well…average. There’s a train station, a shopping centre and it’s a place where ‘people get on with their lives’ according to the mayor. So far, not a lot to get excited about (which is perhaps the point).

But, wait for it, there’s also a railway museum (surely not a tourist hotspot available in every English town) and 2017 marks its 50th anniversary – now, that’s definitely not average. Didcot’s tourist board also said that it was a ‘vibrant’ town – which is well beyond the plodding definition of ‘average’, surely?

However, the study wasn’t just about finding the epitome of so-so, the point of it was to gain insight into how other people live. The researchers involved point out that most of us are so tightly enclosed in our own localised bubbles that understanding how others go about their business is not only enlightening; but is important in helping organisations understand different areas. In the long term, data and studies like these could help shape more localised policies in order to better enrich communities.

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