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What types of insurance does a student need at university?

We know that heading off to university is an exciting time. We also recognise that having to consider insurance is probably not top of your priority list. 


What cover you might need to think about will depend on your personal circumstances. 

Contents insurance

Contents insurance covers your belongings against loss or damage brought about as a result of theft, fire, vandalism, or floods (natural and burst pipes!).

Given accidents do happen, you might want to consider adding accidental damage cover to your policy as this is usually not  included as standard. Accidental damage cover will give you some peace of mind that if you or someone else breaks something, you’re covered.

Check the limits on your policy. You’ll see a limit for the total value of your possessions insured which you will probably have selected and also a limit per individual item. Make sure that you’re happy with both of these. If you do have valuable items, you’ll probably need to notify your insurance provider of these specifically.

If you have a bike or musical instrument check your policy, these are sometimes excluded from standard cover. It’s usually possible to get them added but your insurance provider might charge you more to do so.


Walk-in cover

This is where a thief is able to have access to your property without physically having to break in. In shared houses or student halls of residence, this could be an issue. Most insurers do not offer this cover. If you’re living in this type of property, ask your insurer about adding this cover. It’s often a key exclusion for theft claims and may have a significantly lower sum insured.

Personal possessions cover

You might see it called different things but you need to consider covering your items for when you are on the move or away from home. Standard contents insurance usually only covers you for damage or loss actually if it occurs in the home. This means that if you lost your phone on the bus for example, you wouldn’t be covered. 

Car insurance

Unless you’re taking your car off the road via a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN), you’ll have to keep any car insurance in place while you’re at university. For more information on student car insurance check out our specific for more help. 

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