Adding your watch to your home insurance

Your watch might be one of the most expensive things you own. And if it’s worth a lot, you need to make sure it’s properly insured. Read on to find out if your home contents insurance gives you the right level of cover for your watch…

Your watch might be one of the most expensive things you own. And if it’s worth a lot, you need to make sure it’s properly insured. Read on to find out if your home contents insurance gives you the right level of cover for your watch…

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Last Updated 14 MARCH 2022

Does my home contents insurance cover my watch?

It might. But, to find out, check the single article limit on your contents insurance policy – the maximum value an item can be worth before you need to add it individually to a policy to ensure it’s covered.

If your watch is worth more than the single article limit, you’ll need to ask your insurance provider to add it as an individual item to your home contents policy. It’s important to declare expensive valuables to your provider, otherwise you might not be fully covered if you need to make a claim.

If you’re looking for home insurance, you’ll be asked to list valuable items when getting a quote. Compare the Market asks you to list valuable items worth more than £1,500.

What should I consider when adding a watch to my home insurance? 

It’s best to carefully check the terms and conditions of your cover for:

  • Item exclusions and the single item limit – does your watch need to be added as an individual item to your contents insurance?
  • Accidental damage cover – this usually isn’t included in most basic home insurance policies so you might not be covered if you unwittingly damage your watch. It could be worthwhile adding accidental damage cover to your policy.
  • Personal possessions cover and any limits– this could cover your watch if it’s damaged or stolen when you’re outside of your home. You’ll typically need to pay extra to add this cover to your insurance.
  • New for old cover – if your watch needs to be replaced, will you get a new one of similar value?
  • Your excess – this is how much you’re willing to pay towards a claim.

So, for extra peace of mind, it could be worth naming your watch as a specified item on your home contents insurance cover. You should let your provider know the exact value and provide a valuation certificate or receipt, so you know you’re properly covered.

If you’re not sure how much your watch is worth, a jeweller should be able to give you an accurate valuation. Luxury watches can increase in value, so it’s worth checking regularly, especially if it’s close to the single item limit.

Will my watch be covered outside of the home?

Usually, only if you have personal possessions cover. Most home contents policies don’t cover your possessions outside of your home, so if you wear your watch every day, it could be worth having personal possessions cover. But remember that if your watch is worth more than the single item limit, you’ll need to add it individually to the policy and confirm whether you’ll be wearing it when you’re out.

Is my watch covered for repairs or replacement if there is water damage? 

Your home contents policy should cover your watch against water damage caused by flooding inside your home, up to the single item limit. Accidental damage cover could give you more protection as you’d be covered if you accidentally dropped your watch in the bath, for example. Check any policy you’re considering buying to see exactly what water damage you’ll be covered for.

However, if your watch is damaged by water outside the home, you won’t usually be covered unless you have personal possessions cover in place.

Will I be covered if my watch gets stolen?

Yes, as cover for theft is generally included as standard as part of a home insurance policy, but this is for theft from within the home. Your insurance provider is unlikely to pay out if your watch was stolen and there was no sign of forced entry, or if the person who stole the item was invited into your home.

If your watch is stolen (or lost) when you’re out, you’ll need to have personal possessions cover in place to be able to claim – typically, this will be an add-on to a standard contents policy. Your watch will also need to be listed separately on your policy if it’s more valuable than the single item limit.

Watches are notoriously easy to steal and sell but difficult to trace, so it’s obvious why they’re attractive to thieves. They’re also small and easy to lose, so are usually considered to be a high-risk item

A Watch Register has been set up, like the Art Loss Register, to help record losses and to return any watches that are found to their rightful owners. See more on the Watch Register.

How can I keep my watch safe? 

Watches can have sentimental value and can be worth a lot of money. Follow these tips to help protect yours:

  • Never leave your watch on display next to a window
  • Store your watch in a safe with a combination lock, preferably one that’s fireproof and waterproof
  • Take photos of your watch. If it’s stolen, this should make it easier for the police to trace it
  • Keep any receipts, valuation certificates and anything else that might prove how much your watch cost.

Find more ways to keep your home and belongings secure.

How much will it cost to add my watch to my home insurance policy?

It typically doesn’t cost much to add your watch to your home insurance policy. But you need to know which section of cover to add it to. At Compare the Market, we ask you to add individual items worth more than £1,500 to your quote, so let us know if your watch comes into this category.

We'll also ask if you want personal possessions cover so your watch will be insured if you take it and other items, like jewellery and expensive bags, outside your home. 

Compare home insurance quotes from a range of providers with Compare the Market – there’s no obligation to buy after you receive a quote. It’s as simple as setting the time on your watch.

Frequently asked questions

What type of watches can my home insurance cover?

Any luxury and designer watch can be covered by your home insurance, including top brands like Patek Phillipe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, Chopard, Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Cartier and Breitling. But you must ensure they’re individually insured if they’re worth more than the single item limit specified by your provider.

Smartwatches like Apple and Garmin can also be covered, although these are usually classed under gadget insurance.

Do I need to get my watch valued?

Yes, you should get your watch valued regularly – a simple watch from the 1950s could be a much sought-after item today and the price will reflect that. Make sure you keep the valuation certificate in a safe place so that you can claim enough back to replace your watch. Some insurance providers require proof of purchase before they’ll agree to pay out.

Am I covered if the damage to the watch is my fault?

Many basic home insurance policies don't include accidental damage cover. But you can usually add this cover for a small increase in cost. You won’t be covered if you deliberately damage your watch.

Is my watch covered when I'm on holiday abroad?

Some policies may cover you if you lose your watch abroad. However, there can be limitations, and cover may depend on whether you’re staying in the EU or not and the length of time you're going to be away. Always check with your insurance provider.

If your provider doesn’t offer the right level of cover for you, consider making sure your travel insurance will cover your personal possessions. Check the amount of cover will be enough for your watch and make sure you understand what your responsibilities are in keeping your belongings safe while you’re away.

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