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Adding your watch to your home insurance

If you’re lucky enough to own a valuable watch, you’ll need to make sure it’s properly insured. Find out if your contents insurance gives you the watch cover you need.

If you’re lucky enough to own a valuable watch, you’ll need to make sure it’s properly insured. Find out if your contents insurance gives you the watch cover you need.

Written by
Anna McEntee
Insurance comparison expert
Reviewed by
Andy Webb
Insurance expert
Last Updated
14 MARCH 2023
3 min read
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Does my home contents insurance cover my watch?

Contents insurance can cover your watch if it’s stolen from your home, or lost or damaged in a fire or flood. And you can add extra cover to protect it when you’re out and about.

Home insurance policies have a limit on the amount they’ll pay out for one item. This is called the single item limit. If your watch is worth more than this, it will need to be listed on your policy separately to be covered. When you compare policies with Comparethemarket, we’ll ask you to list anything worth more than £1,500.

What should I consider when adding a watch to my home insurance?

Think about whether you need:

  • Accidental damage cover – this isn’t typically included in standard home insurance policies, which means you won’t be covered if you accidentally break your watch. You can usually add accidental damage cover to your policy for an extra charge.
  • Personal possessions cover – this covers your watch if it’s damaged or stolen when you’re out and about. You can add this to your policy for an extra charge.
  • New for old cover – if your watch needs to be replaced, having a policy that offers new for old cover will pay for a new one of similar value.

Is my watch covered outside of the home?

Only if you have personal possessions cover. Most home contents policies don’t cover your belongings when you’re out and about, so if you wear your watch all the time you might want to add personal possessions cover to your policy. You can do this for an extra charge.

Does my watch insurance cover water damage?

Your home contents policy should cover water damage caused by flooding inside your home, up to the single item limit. But if you’re looking for protection in case you drop your watch in the bath, for example, you’ll need accidental damage cover.

If your watch is damaged by water when you’re out, you probably won’t be covered unless you have personal possessions cover.

Before buying a policy, check what water damage it covers.

Am I covered if my watch is stolen?

Yes. Most home insurance policies cover theft from the home as standard. But if there was no sign of a break-in, it’s unlikely you’ll be covered.

If your watch is lost or stolen while you’re out, you’ll need personal possessions insurance to claim.

If you have a valuable watch and it’s stolen, you can add it to the Watch Register. This records losses and helps return watches to their rightful owners.

How can I keep my watch safe?

Watches often have sentimental, as well as monetary, value. Here’s how to protect yours:

  • Never leave it on display near a window
  • Store it in a fireproof, waterproof safe
  • Take photos of it. This can help the police to identify it
  • Keep receipts, valuation certificates and anything else that proves how much your watch is worth. You’re likely to need these if you make a claim on your insurance.

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How much does it cost to add my watch to my home insurance?

It will depend partly on the value of your watch and whether you want to add optional extras, such as personal possessions cover and accidental damage cover to your policy.

Frequently asked questions

What type of watches does my home insurance cover?

Your home insurance can cover luxury or designer watches, including top brands like Patek Phillipe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, Chopard, Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Cartier and Breitling. But you must add your watch separately to your policy if it’s worth more than your insurance provider’s single item limit.

Some home contents policies will pay out a maximum of around £25,000 for a single item, even if it’s listed individually. So if you have an extremely valuable watch, you may need to consider specialist, standalone insurance.

Does home insurance cover smartwatches?

You can cover smartwatches like Apple and Garmin under your home contents insurance, although they may be covered as gadgets rather than watches. Alternatively, you may want to look at standalone gadget insurance.

Do I need to get my watch valued?

Yes, you should have your watch valued regularly – a simple watch from the 1950s could be a much sought-after item today and the valuation will reflect that. Keep the valuation certificate in a safe place so you can share it with your insurance provider if you need to. Some providers will want to see proof of purchase before they’ll pay out.

Is my watch covered on holiday abroad?

Some home insurance policies cover you if you lose your watch abroad. But there can be limitations and cover may depend on where you travel to and how long you’re away. For details, check with your insurance provider.

If your provider doesn’t offer the right level of cover for you, consider making sure your travel insurance covers your personal possessions. Check there’s enough cover to protect your watch and make sure you understand your responsibilities around keeping your belongings safe.

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