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Specialist golf insurance can offer protection for valuable golf equipment – but you might already be covered under your home insurance.

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What is golf equipment cover?

Golf equipment cover can protect the cost of replacing valuable golf clubs if they’re lost, stolen, vandalised or accidentally damaged.  
Some specialist policies offer ‘new-for-old cover’ which means a new replacement for your golf clubs even if they weren’t brand new. This isn’t usually offered if you bought the clubs second-hand. There might also be a limit on how old the clubs can be to be eligible for this type of cover.

What items are covered under golf equipment insurance?

As well as your golf clubs, specialist golf equipment insurance could also cover:

  • bags
  • golf balls
  • trollies
  • golf clothing
  • GPS devices and wearables
  • trophies

What’s not covered by golf equipment insurance?

Most golf insurance policies only cover your equipment when you’re playing on a golf course. Cover can vary between policies, so it’s important to read the terms and conditions before you buy.  
Most policies won’t cover: 

  • damage to your golf equipment through wear and tear 
  • loss, theft or damage when you’re not playing or travelling to golf 
  • theft of equipment that’s been left unattended  
  • buggies – although you can usually add this on at an extra cost 

Do I need specialist insurance for my golf equipment?

Before you buy specialist insurance, check if your golf equipment is already covered by another insurance policy you may have.  
Home contents insurance  
Your contents insurance should cover your golf equipment if it’s stolen, destroyed or damaged at home. Just be aware of the single item limit. This is usually set at around £1,500. If your golf clubs are worth more than the limit, you’ll need to tell your insurance provider who will list them separately and insure them for their full value.  
Personal possessions cover 
Personal possessions cover is an add-on to home insurance. It protects your belongings when you take them outside the home. This typically includes items like your smartphone, tablet, jewellery, wallet or purse. But it can also often include sports equipment.  
Again, if there’s a single item limit, you’ll need list your golf clubs separately if they’re worth more.  
Travel insurance  
If you take your clubs abroad, check to see if golfing equipment is covered under your travel insurance policy. Specialist golf travel insurance typically includes cover for accidental loss, theft or damage to your golf equipment.  
Find out more about golf travel insurance here
Avoid ‘doubling up’ on your insurance and covering the same thing on different policies. As well as costing you more, it could cause a lot of headaches if you need to make a claim.  

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Frequently asked questions

What does a specialist golf insurance policy cover?

Golf is considered a relaxing sport, but it still comes with a few risks. If you’re a regular golfer, you might want to think about specialist golf insurance that includes: 
Third party liability insurance 
If you accidentally hit someone while out on the green, you could be liable to pay damages if they’re injured or their property is damaged. Public liability insurance can help protect you against these costs.   
Personal accident cover  
Being hit be a golf ball can cause serious injury. This covers legal and medical bills if you’re injured out on the golf course.  
Hole-in-one cover 
It’s tradition that if you get a hole-in-one, you have to buy a round of drinks for the clubhouse. That could cost a pretty packet! Believe it or not, hole-in-one insurance covers the bar bill.  
It seems a bit extreme to take out insurance for a round of drinks. Plus, the odds of an amateur getting a hole-in-one are pretty slim – about 12,500 to one. So you might only want to consider this cover if you’re a member of a golf club and a stickler for tradition. 

Does golf insurance include hiring equipment?

Most specialist golf insurance policies will cover the cost of hiring replacement clubs if yours have been stolen or damaged. 

Will my golf equipment be covered abroad?

Most golf insurance policies only cover use in the UK. However, some may let you add on worldwide cover at an extra cost. Just remember that you might already be covered if you have travel insurance.  

Is my golf equipment covered when it’s in my car?

Golf insurance only usually covers your equipment while you’re playing golf. Personal possessions insurance could cover your golf equipment while you’re travelling and if it’s locked out of sight in the boot.  
Again, you should check what other policies you have. If you have comprehensive car insurance personal possessions in your car might already be covered.    

Can I get cover for my golf buggy?

Golf buggy cover can usually be added to a golf insurance policy at an extra cost, although some specialist insurance providers may also offer it as a standalone policy. Cover usually includes injuries to third parties if hit by your golf buggy.  

Where can I find golf equipment insurance?

We don’t offer golf equipment insurance to compare as a standalone policy. For a dedicated golf insurance policy, you’d need to find a specialist insurance provider.

However, you might already find your golf equipment can be covered through your home or travel insurance.

First of all, work out the type of cover you need for your golfing equipment and activities, then compare home insurance with personal possessions cover to see if it might be a cheaper option than a specialist golf insurance policy.

What do I need to get a quote?

Getting a home insurance quote through us is quick and easy. Just give us a few details about you and your home including: 

  • your current home contents policy documents 
  • the value of your contents 
  • details of high-value items over £1,500 
  • the level of cover you need 
  • any extras you want to add on 

We’ll show you a list of suitable quotes along with the price and key features.  

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When calculating the contents of your home, try to be as accurate as possible. Estimate too high and you could end up paying more than necessary for your premium. Estimate too low and you could get less of a pay out if you need to make a claim. And remember, if your golf clubs are worth more than £1,500, list them separately and insure them for their full value.  

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