74% of Brits worry about the security of their home

As restrictions ease, we’re all becoming a busy bunch – making up for lost time with plans for seeing family and friends. But the brunch plans, dinner dates and general get-togethers mean we’ll be spending more time than we’re used to away from our homes over the coming months.

With so much time spent at home over the last year, have we become more concerned about safety? And will we be upping our security measures to put our minds at rest now we’re out and about? We surveyed the Great British public to discover all of this and more.

Half aim to improve their home security post-pandemic

A huge 87.4% of the UK population claim to be security conscious – and it seems the pandemic has had a direct impact on this, with 50% becoming more alert to home security in the past year.

Outdoor lights are currently the security measure used most prominently in homes across the country, followed by additional locks on windows and doors, then alarms.

Almost half (49%) of those asked are considering adding further security measures once restrictions ease fully, with CCTV cameras and security doorbells the most in-demand new items. Interestingly, 18-24 year-olds are most likely to add extra measures, with the majority wanting to invest in alarms.

While 74% of people actively worry about the security of their home, as many as 14% admit to worrying every day. Those least likely to worry about security are aged 45 and over, it appears – perhaps because this demographic are the most confident in their current security set-up.

Homeowners vs renters: the great debate

Interestingly, nearly three-quarters (72%) of those who rent their home consider its safety when they spend time away, compared to 58% of homeowners – potentially because rental homes can be typically deemed more of a target.

Overall, homeowners are slightly more security conscious than their renter counterparts, at 91% compared to 74% - perhaps understandable considering the buck stops with them financially. Interestingly though, renters have grown more security conscious during lockdown.

When it comes to improving their security set-ups, both homeowners and renters want to invest in outdoor lights and alarms, with renters also most keen on security doorbells, and homeowners looking for additional locks.

A hugely significant 80% of renters and homeowners ask family or friends to keep an eye on their home while they’re away on holiday, to keep their minds at rest.

Top tips to protect your property

It’s important to remember there are key steps you can take to reduce the risk of anyone trying to break in to your unattended home. Unsure of where to start? Check out our expert checklist below:

If you have one, use it. Alarm systems aren’t just for mansions. They’re very reasonably priced and easy to use, with versatile systems on the market for all types of homes giving first rate deterrent and protection value.

Install motion sensor lights to the front and rear of your home to stop any potential intruders in their tracks before they even get to a window or door.

Use a forensic marking product such as Selecta DNA to discreetly mark tablets, laptops, smart TVs, jewellery, even antiques with a unique DNA identifier - making them ‘too hot to handle’ for criminals.

Utilise smart technology to switch on house lights when it gets dark and give the impression there’s someone home. Great if you’re regularly away during the day, or travel a lot.

Consider installing super secure, 5 lever British Standard deadlocks to external doors. Change your locks if you’re not sure if they were changed when you moved in (regardless of how long ago it was).

Keep keyless car fobs in a faraday pouch at home, to prevent cloning. Keep any house and car keys well away from the front door to prevent ‘fishing’ (thieves use a long, hooked rod through the letter box to pick up keys).

Another way to put your mind at ease is to check your home and contents insurance policy. Make sure you have both building and contents insurance so that your walls, floors, fittings and fixtures are all protected; as well as all of your belongings inside your home, should the worst happen.

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A survey of 1,000 homeowners and renters was carried out by TLF in May 2021. Comparethemarket.com spoke with David Graffham, CEO of Delta Security Management, who provided expert tips on how to best secure your home.