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Revealed: the most in-demand home furnishing trends

Many of us have treated the last 12 months as a DIY project, upgrading our homes into relaxing, happy spaces that perfectly suit our personal styles.

With summer bringing new interior design trends, our love of upgrading shows no sign of stopping. But while you might have trawled Instagram and decided you want to invest in a butter-soft leather Chesterfield sofa, a charming balcony bistro set, or a quirky bedroom bench, did you know that demand could mean you’ll have to wait weeks – and sometimes even months – for them?

The primrose accent armchair is the most in-demand furnishing

If you’re hunting for the perfect primrose accent armchair to act as the focal point of your living room, then brace yourself – even if you find the exact one you want, you’re probably going to have to wait 2.2 months for it to officially be yours. In fact, searches for primrose accent armchairs have increased by 143% in the last month, showing just how popular their luxuriousness has become.

Other in-demand items include two, three, or four-seater Chesterfield sofas, which have an average wait time of 2.0 months.

And if you want to kit out your garden for outdoor parties this summer, you’d better hurry up and start searching for your chosen furniture before it’s too late. Already, there’s a 1.8 month wait for Rattan garden furniture, a 1.7 month wait for the infamous Egg chair, and a 1.1 month wait for chimineas.

The importance of getting contents insurance

If you’ve spent ages choosing your perfect furniture, it makes sense to insure it against theft, flood, or fire.

Taking out contents insurance could help cover the personal belongings you keep in your home – including all your furniture and electrical items – if something happens to them.

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After analysing Google Search data from 27.04.2021 to determine the home and garden furnishings with the highest demand, took the expected wait times from eight to ten retailers and calculated the average time for each item.