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Most expensive dance fails

If you feel like TikTok has quite literally taken over your life, you’re not alone. 31% of adults admit to using the social media app every single day. If you’re one of them, it’s likely you (or your kids!) have given at least one of the iconic dances a go. But did you know that they could be risky? Take a look at the results below…

18% of people have damaged their belongings when practicing TikTok dances

While it might be a fun way to pass the time during the lockdown, it turns out that for some, TikTok dances are wreaking havoc on their homes.
With 18% of adults admitting they’ve damaged household items while trying to recreate a famed TikTok routine, the average cost of repairs adds up to £340.81. But shockingly, 6% of people who caused the damage had to spend more than £2,000 on repairs!

The Savage, Something New, Lean With It, The Box and Git Up revealed as the riskiest TikTok dances

The most common damage done when practicing The Savage is making a hole or dent in the wall. However, it’s not uncommon for windows to be smashed, or liquids to be spilled on the carpet during this dance.
It’s a similar situation with Something New, Lean With It, The Box, and Git Up. Other damage that people admit to causing while doing these dances includes breaking an electrical item like a TV or iPad, or damaging ornaments and soft furnishings.
Luckily, the most popular TikTok dances – The Renegade and Can’t Touch This – seem to be among the safest.
Struggling to visualise the above routines? Let us help refresh your memory…
The Savage is the dance to Megan Thee Stallion’s latest single ‘Savage’, whilst Something New is where your household stands in one line so they each get their chance to shine. Lean With It is the challenge where you put your right foot up, then your left foot up and repeat four times and The Box is the dance to Roddy Ricch’s song ‘The Box’. Git Up is the routine of Blanco Brown's ‘The Git Up’ song created by Ajani Huff and Davonte House, whilst The Renegade is one of TikTok’s original moves created by Jalaiah Harmon. To complete, Can’t Touch This is the dance to the MC Hammer classic ‘Can’t Touch This’.

Safer ways to practice your TikTok moves

Launched in 2016, TikTok had already found fame among teenagers, but it wasn’t until a nationwide lockdown that it started to be used by people of all ages.
If you or your household want to learn the latest TikTok dances without damaging your belongings, try to give yourself plenty of space, or head outdoors if the weather permits. It is also important to make sure you have home and contents insurance to help cover the cost of any damage that may arise.
After all, TikTok dances are way more fun when you don’t have to spend £340.81 on them!

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Survey conducted by OnePoll with 2,000 UK adults who use TikTok. 
Data correct as of June 2020.