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Revealed: the most expensive rooms in the home

Our recent research delves into home improvements. We’ve looked into how much money has been spent during lockdown on home renovations, as well as in the last five years. We’ve also considered just how long, on average, Brits spend in each room of their home to reveal which offers the best value for money.

Brits spend over £10k creating their dream home

On average, Brits have spent £10,461.19 on their home in the last five years. Kitchens top the list at £2,293.64. In second place is the living room, at £1,786.86, followed by the attic, at £1,701.58 . Making up the top five is the bathroom, which had an average of £1,669.74 spent on it over the last five years, and the master bedroom, at £1,542.57.

We’ve spent an average of £1,210.35 on home improvements during lockdown

On average, Brits have spent £1,210.35 on home renovations since March 2020, with the living room getting the biggest upgrade, with an average of £214.49 spent. This was followed by the office (most probably due to the rise of working from home) at £213.21, and the kitchen/dining room, at £210.69.

Most of our time is spent in the master bedroom, meaning it’s the best-valued room

Unsurprisingly, we spend most of our time in the master bedroom, (6.8 hours a day, or 2,482 hours a year), but have only spent £308.51 kitting it out each year, making it the best value for money room in the home.

Similarly, we’re spending an increasing amount of time in the study – resulting in 1,204.05 hours a year – but have spent the least renovating it, making the room also very good value for money.

While we know the nation has spent the most money renovating their kitchen in the last five years, it seems women spend 100 more hours in the room than men at 2.3 hours per day, compared to men’s 1.9 hours.

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Research was undertaken in November 2020 via TLF with 1,500 homeowners.