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With more time being spent at home during lockdown, it’s no wonder people are looking for ways to improve the place they live. From simple DIY jobs like redecorating, to more extensive projects like kitchen or bathroom renovation, transforming our homes to fit our dream vision has become a priority for many. 
So which are the most popular types of renovation in the UK and around the world? We’ve looked at Google search volumes relating to renovations in each room of the house, plus several that cover the exterior too. 

Kitchen renovations top the UK list  

It seems kitchen renovations are the most sought-after room makeovers in the UK – this term tops the most searched list with 153,000 searches over the last year.  
The other rooms getting the most love on these shores are conservatories (88,560 searches) and bathrooms (79,920), the data reveals. Renovating a conservatory could provide more comfort and space for your family, making it still possible to soak up the views of your garden during unpleasant weather. Even a lick of paint or new tiles in the bathroom can create a markedly different atmosphere in the room, instantly giving it a new lease of life. 

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What our expert says...

Offers some helpful home renovation tips:

“Firstly, it’s important to check with your home insurance provider before you start any renovation work. Depending on your renovation plans, and even with minor work, there may be restrictions on your cover – or additional accidental cover that can protect you – in case any of your home contents get damaged in the process.  
“If you’re using a company to carry out the renovations, speak to your home insurance provider on legal cover to check to see if they can help you reclaim any money, which you have invested in case the company goes bust.  
“It’s also important to remember that poor or faulty workmanship is not usually covered under a home insurance policy. So, make sure that you do your research and get a reputable and reliable tradesman to do the work for you.” 

- Anna McEntee, Insurance comparison expert

Bathroom renovations most popular globally  

Looking worldwide, bathroom renovations appear top of the global search list with a massive 1,369,680 searches on Google. It seems having that special place to unwind with a relaxing bath or soothing shower carries plenty of value in every corner of the world. 
Homeowners are also more likely to be looking into a full house renovation, with many hoping to build or create their ‘forever home’ – with 717,000 searches. For these people, seizing the opportunity to create the perfect home out of what they already have, rather than pinning their hopes on the housing market, appears their preferred solution.  

Private green space more important than ever 

When it comes to exterior renovations, it probably comes as no surprise that our gardens feature prominently. Here in the UK, garden room renovation was the most searched term relating to exteriors, with 23,640 hits – with homeowners keen to get take advantage of the fresh air when they can, without having to worry about coming into contact with others. Renovating patio and decking also appears high on the list, with people taking existing outdoor dining spaces and updating as new with polish or new furniture. 

Globally, swimming pool renovations actually top the list of exterior searches, with warmer climates allowing people to consider having a pool installed to make the most of the weather and get some exercise. Interestingly, the hot tub trend seems to have fizzled out after its 2000’s boom, with swimming pools fast becoming the preferred approach both in the UK and abroad. 

Chris King

Home insurance expert

Offers some helpful exterior renovation tips

"You could need planning permission for the exterior renovations you'd like to carry out on your property. This is to ensure they’re sympathetic to the surrounding landscape and environment, and are carried out safely.  
“Possibly the most surprising project you’ll need planning permission for is if you want to build a fence on your property. Some limits and conditions for building a fence include if the fencing is over 1 metre high, next to any highway used by vehicles, or the footpath or fencing is over two metres high elsewhere. Also, if your house is a listed building or in the curtilage of a listed building. You will not need to apply for planning permission if you wish to erect a new; or alter, maintain, improve or take down an existing fence unless you’re in a conservation area.” 

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Lists of keywords for every room in a house, including specialised rooms and outside amenities, were collected from Google using the search term ‘room renovation’. Looking at the top 100 keywords, a selection of keywords were taken that were specifically to do with the act of renovating a room. UK and global search volumes were taken from Google over the last 12 months (January 2020 to January 2021).