Home Insurance is the trading name of Deeside Insurance Brokers Ltd. They were established in North Wales in 1959 and they provide insurance on behalf of many of thousands of customers throughout the UK. home insurance can give you personalised service and peace of mind to help you find exactly the right home insurance policy for your needs. They have direct access to over 100 insurance providers.

If you need to make a claim you can phone them on 01244 817070 and someone from their dedicated claims team will be able to assist you. Home Insurance

What does your buildings insurance cover?

Basically it covers everything in your home that is fixed to the floor or walls. It’s the items you wouldn’t be able to take with you if you moved away.

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What benefits should I look for in a buildings insurance policy?

Buildings insurance covers you for loss or damage caused by fire, explosion, earthquake, flood, lightning, storm, subsidence, theft or attempted theft, vandalism, malicious damage and third party liability. Some policies may also cover you for damage caused by aircraft or other motor vehicles. Other benefits can include:

  • Rebuild costs
  • Replacement locks
  • Tracing leaks in underground services
  • Fees and Clearance Costs
  • Damage to sheds, garages and other outbuildings
  • Locks and key replacement
  • Alternative accommodation if you can’t stay in your house because of damage or repairs

All features are subject to terms and condition and various levels of cover apply. Check your policy document to see how much cover you actually have.

You should also be able to get cover for the following extra’s, you may need to pay a little more for them to be added to your premium, if they are not already included in your standard policy:

  • Accidental damage – For instance, if you or anybody else in your home breaks a window or, you put your foot through the ceiling, you’ll be covered for its replacement bar any agreed excess
  • Cover for garden furniture
  • Cover for plants and trees
  • Cover for personal possessions at college or university
  • Home emergency cover – If your heating breaks down or you have a plumbing problem that needs fixing immediately, you’ll be covered to get a tradesman out to fix the problem quickly

Terms and conditions apply

What does your home contents insurance cover?

Basically, it covers everything in your home that is not fixed in. It’s all the stuff you would take with you if you moved to another house. Again the benefits of contents insurance will be subject to terms and conditions and will have varying levels of cover.

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What should I look for in home contents insurance?

You should look and see if they can provide benefits such as:

  • New for old – Your stolen or damages possessions will be replaced with new ones of a similar value and type
  • Jewellery and valuables
  • Money at home
  • Food in your freezer
  • Visitor’s belongings
  • Home office equipment
  • Replacement keys and locks – If you lose your keys or they are stolen you can have the keys and the locks replaced 
  • Loss of metered water or fuel
  • Alternative accommodation or loss of rent

Optional extras

If you want home insurance with to include further options, you can see if they provide the following extras which can then be added to your policy:

  • Accidental damage – If you spill something that stains and won’t come out, you’ll be covered for a replacement
  • Garden furniture and the contents of your shed or garage
  • Personal belongings away from home
  • Mobile electronic equipment away from home

Terms and conditions apply

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