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Nationwide home insurance

Compare quotes for Nationwide home insurance today.

Compare quotes for Nationwide home insurance today.

Why get home insurance from Nationwide?

Nationwide is a building society that’s owned by its members and run for their benefit, rather than for shareholders. You’re a member if you have a Nationwide current account, mortgage or savings account.   

There are no hidden fees or charges with Nationwide home insurance, even if you pay monthly by Direct Debit. You can add optional extras and only pay for the cover you need (cover limits and exclusions may apply).

Nationwide’s emergency helpline is open 24 hours a day, all year round.

Nationwide also offers life insurance and critical illness cover

Terms and conditions apply. 

How to contact Nationwide

Phone numbers are available in the contact us section of the Nationwide website. There’s also online chat for immediate support. And you can, of course, pop into a branch if there’s one nearby.

For home insurance, most of the information you need to apply is available on Nationwide’s website.

What types of home insurance can I get with Nationwide?

You can choose to get a quote for:

Policies have cover limits and you’ll need to pay an excess towards any claim. There are also exclusions – for example, you won’t be covered for damage due to normal use, ageing or lack of maintenance.

Nationwide’s building insurance offers, as standard:

  • Unlimited buildings cover
  • Alternative accommodation, up to £50,000 including kennel fees
  • Trace and access to find the source of a water leak, up to £5,000
  • Escape of water, unlimited
  • Lost or stolen keys, up to £750
  • Owner’s liability, up to £2,000,000. This can cover you if you’re held legally responsible for accidents involving your building, such as damage caused by building work at your property.

Some of the things you won’t get cover for include:

  • Normal use
  • Ageing
  • Damage due to lack of maintenance
  • Fences, hedges and gates damaged by a flood or storm.

With contents insurance, you can choose between two levels of cover:

  • Up to £50,000
  • Over £50,000.

Valuables in your home will need to be individually specified on your contents policy if they’re worth over £2,000 each. 

If you’re renting your home, Nationwide’s contents insurance will also protect you against some damage to your landlord’s property. 

Additional cover includes: 

  • Tenants’ liability cover
    Offers cover if you’re legally liable for damage to your home under the terms of your tenancy agreement. 

  • Tenants’ improvements
    Covers damage to fixed tenants’ improvements and fixed internal decorations in your home.

Optional extras can be purchased and added to your policy for an additional cost. Limits, exclusions and excesses may apply. (You don’t pay an excess if you claim on home emergency cover.)

Optional extras include:


Home emergency cover Legal cover Garden cover

Get support to make your home safe and secure if an emergency occurs.

Covers emergency call-out costs for loss of heating, light or water.

Up to £1,000 pay-out for home emergency claims. This includes up to £500 towards the cost of a new boiler if Nationwide decides your boiler is beyond economical repair.

Can be added to buildings insurance and contents insurance. Exclusions apply.

Cover provided by CET.

Get legal expenses covered up to £50,000 for eventualities like injury, an employment issue or boundary dispute. Some exclusions apply and you won’t be covered if you don’t have more than a 50% chance of winning.

Can be added to buildings insurance and contents insurance.

Cover provided by Arc Legal Assistance and administered by Lyons Davidson.

Add a further £5,000 for loss or damage to contents in the garden on top of the standard £750. This doesn’t cover damage caused by falling trees and branches. It also doesn’t cover you if you leave your home unoccupied for over 60 days.

Can be added to contents insurance.

Accidental damage cover Matching items cover Personal possessions

If you have contents insurance, this can financially protect the contents in your home against accidental damage.

If you have buildings insurance, it can cover accidental damage to the structure of your home.

Doesn’t cover damage caused by normal use, ageing or lack of maintenance.

If a damaged item from a set can’t be repaired, you’ll be able to replace the entire set it belongs to.

Can be added to buildings insurance and contents insurance.

Doesn’t cover damage caused by normal use, ageing or lack of maintenance.

Cover for your personal possessions anywhere in the British Isles and for up to 90 days worldwide with Nationwide’s Out & About cover.

Can be added to contents insurance.

Doesn’t include bicycles that are lost, damaged or stolen away from the home.


Bicycle cover

Nationwide also offers bicycle cover, which can be added to your contents insurance. Offers cover for bicycles, electrically powered bicycles, tricycles and unicycles, and accessories like pumps and lights.

Doesn’t cover your bicycle if it’s stolen while left unattended and unlocked.

Who underwrites policies from Nationwide?

Home insurance policies from Nationwide are underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Ltd.

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[2] Correct as of March 2024.

What Defaqto star ratings do Nationwide insurance policies get?

Nationwide’s home insurance is 5-Star rated by Defaqto.

Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel a policy with Nationwide?

If you need to cancel a policy, you can do so within the first 14 days of the cover start date or within 14 days of receiving your documents (whichever is later).

The premium you’ve paid will be refunded as long as no claim has been made during the current insurance period.

If you need to cancel the policy after 14 days of the cover start date or more than 14 days after receiving your documents (whichever is later), the premium paid for the remainder of the current insurance period will be refunded, as long as no claim has been made during that period.

Does Nationwide offer specialist home insurance?

No, Nationwide doesn’t offer specialist home insurance policies, but you may still be able to get a quote if your home is made of non-standard materials or is a listed building. It will depend on the construction of your home or type of listing.

Does Nationwide offer landlord insurance?

No, Nationwide doesn't offer landlord insurance.