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Shed & Outbuilding Insurance

Garden shed and outhouse insurance

The average UK resident has around £1,300 worth of personal items stashed in sheds, outhouses and gardens, according to 2018 research from UIA Mutual Assurance. But are they covered on your home insurance?

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need shed and outbuilding insurance?

From barbeques to bicycles, lawnmowers to precious family heirlooms, it seems we’re becoming increasingly reliant on outside spaces for storage. And while standard home insurance will generally include the contents of a shed or outbuilding, it’s important to have adequate locks and other basic security features if you want to successfully claim on your insurance. 

Bike theft from outside spaces rose sharply in 2017, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics. So always check precisely what’s covered and where you should be storing items with your insurance provider. 

You will typically need buildings insurance to cover outbuildings and sheds. More on buildings insurance

What security steps can I follow to keep items safe?

  • Invest in a lock. A decent, hefty padlock will make you shed a less attractive proposition to potential thieves
  • Don’t put expensive items on show – hide them under dust sheets and lock larger items away
  • Plant natural deterrents. A thief is less likely to want to negotiate their way around thorny bushes
  • Install automatic security lights around sheds and in vulnerable areas of your property
  • Check your shed windows and maybe add opaque security sheets – keep windows closed and locked, if possible

See more tips on keeping your home secure

Should I make special provision for expensive items?

  • If you have any particularly expensive items, it’s worth making sure you’re covered for them. Most contents policies have a maximum limit (can be around £1,500) that an item can be worth before you need to list it separately on your policy. If you intend to take the item out and about with you, make sure you’ve said you want cover outside your home.
  • There’s usually a limit for “contents stored in outbuildings”. You should make sure this limit is high enough to cover anything you keep in a shed or detached garage. Limits vary, but can be as low as £500, which could easily be exceeded with a few power tools and a lawnmower.
  • In addition, there are often limits on money or valuables stored in outbuildings. Sometimes they’re not covered at all, so make sure you check your policy to ensure you have the right cover in place.
  • It’s worth noting that most policies could have restrictions on theft from outbuildings. Often there may need to be signs of forced entry for cover to be in place, which is why it’s important you keep your outbuildings locked safely.

How can I compare home insurance that includes outside contents?

Just use our comparison service and we’ll help you find home insurance that offers the level of cover that’s right for you.
Start a quote with us today to see if you can save on your buildings and home contents insurance.

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