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What is inertia?

What is inertia?

Fourth panel meeting

Take a look at the outcomes from the fourth Institue of Inertia panel meeting, which focussed on gender and financial behaviour.

Student spending

New research from the Institute of Inertia reveals the significant financial issues faced by UK university students.

Life insurance by region

3.6 million families across the UK could be put at financial risk due to a failure to take out life insurance.

The different types of inertia

Did you know that there are four different types of inertia that we can suffer from when it comes to managing personal and household finances?

Top Tips!

Panel member and editor of Ricky Willis, shares his top tips on saving money this winter.

Latest Blogs

Take a look at the latest blog post from a member of our Institute of Inertia panel.

Latest news

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Meet the experts

Psychological experts, consumer champions and financial advisors give you tips and advice on overcoming financial inertia.

Where’s your head at?

Take our quiz to find out where your head’s at when it comes to dealing with your household finance.