Find out how we helped Claire tackle her financial inertia to save her money


Name: Claire Wigfall

Age: 35

Occupation: Events Manager, currently on maternity leave

Location: Tunbridge Wells

Claire said: “I’ve always lacked the time and, if I’m honest, the motivation to look at where I might be able to save money on our household bills. I just didn’t expect to be able to make significant savings, we set up direct debits for our bills and then it was a case of out of sight out, out of mind. I was really shocked to discover that in just 8 minutes, we could save £324.71 by switching providers for our car, home and energy bills through I’ve set a calendar reminder in my phone now to prompt me to research the best deals on the market and not just let my old policies roll over. It’s never going to be an exciting job, but if I stand to save over £100, I know now it’s worthwhile!”

Even a savvy saver may stand to save…


Name: Alana Hebenton

Age: 25

Occupation: Communications Manager

Location: Portsmouth, Hants 

Alana said: “I go to Lidl, Asda and Morrisons and I love hunting through the bargain section of the supermarket at the end of the day when they have all the reduced deals. I even put off my shopping until as late in the day as possible as I know the supermarkets reduce their items then.I also love trying to make the most of my coupons, vouchers and I’m always on websites looking for different freebies I can get. But when it comes to gas or electricity and other household finances, I just set up a direct debit and forget about it. It doesn’t seem as straight forward to find a deal and I wouldn't know where to start. To be honest, I’ve never even thought of the possible savings I could be making there.”

Joel’s story might strike a chord with you…

Name: Joel Cunnington

Age: 29

Occupation: Planning Account Consultant

Location: Earlsfield, London

Joel said: “At the moment, I just feel I haven't got time to do research into my household finances. I leave early in the morning for work, work long hours, and usually go to the gym or exercise after I’ve finished. So, by the time I get back home, the company phone lines are either closed or I forget. It's just not a priority. I tend to not think about it until I am very tight for money. I try to live life first then worry about money later, which occasionally means I need to budget more towards the end of the month. I know I could be saving more money if I spent more time comparing offers, but I work hard all week and at the weekends I am a usually away visiting family, out on my motorbike, or seeing friends. We also have a couple of credit cards and I am not organised enough to keep on interest free deals and as a result, probably end up paying a lot more than I need to."