I have been challenged by The Institute of Inertia in partnership with comparethemarket.com to share my Spring resolutions.  Did you know that Spring is the ideal time to set goals and resolutions.  Spring is the point of new beginnings, the clocks going forward bringing lighter nights, life is awakening and the days are getting warmer.  In Spring, our good intentions to get things done and make positive change are given a welcome boost by, quite literally, a brighter outlook.  Not one to shy away from a challenge I got together with the rest of the Mad Family and we decided to set a resolution of reducing our screen time.

Our Spring Resolutions

Over the dark and wet winter, we have hibernated somewhat and both the boys have turned to the Xbox more than I would like.  I have always felt that it was important to limit technology hours and screen time at home and as they have got older it is becoming more of a challenge.

The thing is, it isn’t just the boys, both me and MadDad have been turning to screens more and more. MadDad plays far more Candy Crush than is healthy and I am never far away from a screen unless out of the house and even then I am often glued to my smartphone.

So our spring resolution is to reduce our screen time as a family. I know that this is going to be a big challenge, but we are all on board and have been brainstorming how to achieve this.

So join me and the other bloggers taking this challenge and see the positive changes we are making that are going to help us achieve our resolutions.  I’ll be posting blogs here so that you can follow my progress.

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